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  1. Received these: Lake Me - Solace V/A (Kylesa, Municipal Waste) - Best Friends Day 6 Tony Wain and the Payne - Don't Worry About Anything Ever Peter Stubb - Selected Cuts Vol. 1 Let Me Run - Meet Me At The Bottom Lil Daggers - S/T Auxes - Ichkannichtmehr Shotwell - Celery, Beef and Iron 10" Axeman - Arrive - Already traded in. Not at all what I'm into. Countdown to Oblivion - Discography - Already traded in. Not at all what I'm into. Bonus goods: 5 cds (sealed and loose) Against Me! - Disco Before poster AP Euro T(h)rash Tour 2007 pin - Not exactly sure what band this is referring to. A random stud from a studded belt? I am unfamiliar with most of these. While I liked what I heard from a few of these, I think I'm done with grab bags in general.
  2. I haven't had anything too awful. Most recently when I bought the repress of Hot Fuss, there were a couple minor scratches the first time I removed it from the sleeve. Annoying, but I can live with it.
  3. UPS requires signature verification for a $4 Amazon Warehouse Deal. Why? 

  4. Some more Citizen sold as well as the Pity Sex record release.
  5. Sure, I'm down. Why not.
  6. Shipping is $4 unless stated. Open to trades. Cheap add on's at the very bottom. Thanks! Dead Kennedys - Original Singles Boxset - $15 RFC 2013 7" Subscription boxset - $55 ppd Adventures - Clear My Head With You - Baby Blue /330 Adventures - S/T - Coke Bottle Clear /500 Adventures / Pity Sex Split - Black/White Split with orange splatter /1000 Take all 3 for $18ppd The Contortionist - Exoplanet - Picture Disc $50 Pity Sex - Feast of Love record release cover /50 - $50 Pity Sex - Feast of Love - Blue/White Split /200 with flexi (Banquet/UK tour exclusive) - Decent corner dings and creases from shipping. - $30 Citizen: -Everybody Is Going To Heaven150 Deep Purple A-Side/Beer B-Side with Black Splatter (deluxe edition) $60 (some creases and dinged corners from shipping)1200 Oxblood A-Side / Gold B-Side $201300 Gold / Black Color in Color (Hot Topic Exclusive) $152000 Bone $10 -Nail In Your Hand Flexi $25 -Silo Flexi /300 $30 -Turnover Split 300 Milky Clear W/ Oxblood Haze $15800 Sea Blue $8200 White, Grey And Mint Tri-Color $15300 A-Side/B-Side Oxblood And Mustard $15500 Bone $8300 Electric Blue/Hot Pink $12500 Ultra Clear $52000 Sea Blue / Oxblood $5 -Young States: 200 Black/Gold Marble $15 300 Teal Blue (Band Exclusive) $10 300 Clear $5 500 White $8 300 Red/Black Marble $8 700 Gold $8 1000 Black $5 -Youth1100 Clear $15509 Pink/Red Marble $20754 White/Green/Gold Starburst $201273 Black/Red Marble $201052 Green w/Black Smoke $202000 Black $123000 White $12 Add these on for $2 each with any order. -Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken - Black -EEIWALE - In Which The Choices We Didn't Make - Red /250 -Forever Came Calling / Family Thief - Split - Clear with Blue Splatter / 200 -Make Do And Mend - Lucky - Black #468/500 -O Pioneers / New Bruises - Under The Influence Vol. 10 - Blue / 1000 (jacket has water damage, the record itself is fine) -Radkey - Personal Jesus - Flexi (New Noise Flexi Collection #8)
  7. I got pretty much the exact same thing that everyone else did. -3 Zombi Lp's -Windhand -Christian Mistress -Goblin Rebirth -Bloodiest -Coffins/Ilsa Split -The Great Tyrant -Opprobrium I'm happy with them overall. With what I've previewed so far, I'm into it. Would have been great to have a little bit of variation in what other people received.
  8. Grabbed the 10 LP deal. I'm a sucker and I can't say no.
  9. Saw this at my local shop a few days ago and decided to grab it because of the included slipmat. I've listened to MTB casually, but never really more than that. The freebies get me every time.
  10. On Discogs, an international buyer has asked me to send his record as a "gift". How do I do this? 

    1. shenanigans


      Meaning on the customs form he wants you to check that its a gift and not merchandise so he doesn't get taxed.

    2. Out Of Time

      Out Of Time

      ^ Thank you. I've shipped many an intl. record but this is the first time that someone has requested this. 

  11. I was really hoping not to hear either of these things as I wait here for my green variant to be delivered.