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  1. If it won't go on the spindle, grab an Xacto knife. Put it in the hole, give the Xacto knife a few turns and you should be good. Rinse/repeat as needed.
  2. Looking to trade or sell. $40 shipped for any variant below. Should be lower than the going Discogs rate. All are numbered #6/100 and still sealed. Every cover is folded incorrectly as the majority of them were. Each has some minor corner dings from shipping and I can provide pics if necessary. Thanks! Black Blue/White Clear
  3. Victory Record Test Presses

    Counterparts / Hatebreed? These will probably be way out of my price range but I'd like to check nonetheless. Thanks!
  4. New Noise Flexi Series

    So, I think my subscription has run out a little while back with the last issue that I received being the Trapped Under Ice cover/flexi if I remember correctly. I ordered the Iron Chic / Hot Water Music issue from their webstore recently. It never shipped so after an email they send me the correct issue with flexis. No big deal, all is well. A week later I get another envelope from them, this time with the Black Dahlia Murder issue/flexi. Maybe it was a freebie as an apology? I have no clue. Still don't know why I was shipped it but thanks NN!
  5. I was wondering why so many of these were popping up on Ebay recently. A few-ish months ago I paid $75 or $80 for a sealed copy. It was worth the extra to not have to deal with Backbite.
  6. I missed out on this and need it like crazy. I think it would look pretty damn good sitting next to my alternate cover of Tragedy Will Find Us. Will buy or trade. Thanks!
  7. I received #6/100 and all 4 of my covers are folded incorrectly. How do you fuck that up?
  8. Although this year has been rough in other ways, as far as the hobby is concerned, I've knocked a few major wants off of the list without having to break the bank. So far I've crossed off: -Atreyu - Lead Sails, Paper Anchor -Every Time I Die - Low Teens - Merch Limited Alternate cover /100 -Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart -Tigers Jaw - S/T - CD - 1st pressing on Prison Jazz -Trade Wind - Suffer Just To Believe - Preorder Cover /50 I would love to be able to cross any of these off of the list. Let me know if you'd part with any of these. -The Acacia Strain - Wormwood -The Acacia Strain - Continent -Counterparts - The Current Will Carry Us - Clear w/ black smoke /100 -Stick To Your Guns - The Hope Division
  9. Let's make a sale or a trade!

    Hey! If you ever want to get rid of that Suburbia record release, Transit - Joyride or the STYG/TSSF split, let me know! https://www.discogs.com/user/CoffeexZombie/collection
  10. Memorial Day Sale metal / hardcore / punk

    That's a really good price on the deluxe edition of Juturna. I made sure to grab that. Thanks!
  11. PO: Hundredth - Rare

    I've had these singles on repeat for the last few days. Can't wait for this to drop. Is this new for Hopeless? I know Rise has done the limited variant with the bundles type stuff for quite a while but I don't buy too many releases from Hopeless.
  12. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/hundredth Out June 16 via Hopeless Records Cloudy Clear/Light Pink Aside/Bside /500 - Available in bundles White with Purple/Grey Splatter /800 They're back with a different sound than they were known for, but I'm into it.
  13. PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    Nothing good is gonna come from this thread. I think that's well established. Lock it up.
  14. PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    As I just said above, I felt the same at the Detroit date. I can certainly concede to the point that you're making but that doesn't make it cool or okay. Granted I'm just one person, but I don't go out of my way to make anyone LGBT or even otherwise feel uncomfortable. I think it's possible to make a space where both LGBT and hetero people can feel comfortable without alienating or making one group feel uncomfortable.
  15. PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    I felt the exact same way at the Detroit date of that same tour. I felt very out of place. You are definitely not alone in feeling that way.