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  1. Did it happen to come with a lyric sheet?
  2. It comes with a download code when you order it.
  3. Triple B tweeted that the new SDF 12 inch will go up for preorder on Friday at 12pm est.
  4. Thanks man! they answered an ask about it on their tumblr not too long ago and said "I'd be surprised if it hit 40." So I've basically given up hope on it lol but god I would pay so much money for that stupid thing.
  5. So earlier last year I actually completed my Self Defense Family collection by finally snagging a copy of Disappear Here off discogs,but I just managed to finally take a picture with everything in frame and thought y'all might like to see it. Only took me 4 years to get everything! I still need the warm demo and bacha bazi but considering there's like less than 40 of one and the other has never even been confirmed to exist I'm pretty happy with what I have. P.S. sorry for the shitty photo it was so hard getting everything in frame .
  6. Do you know when the preorder might go up?
  7. Just gonna keep refreshing the triple b store over and over. I kinda hope the preorder takes a bit because I am broke and wouldn't wanna miss the rarest variant.
  8. The first thing I heard from them that really hooked me was the You Are Beneath Me LP from when they were still called End of a Year. I would say just try out some of their full lengths and then branch out to the singles and splits. They really don't have any bad songs imo.
  9. I already own 7 sdf shirts and 2 eoay shirts so I'm an addict at this point but I really do love this design a lot and am psyched to have some sdf merch that's not just a regular short sleeve t shirt.
  10. We're finally getting those BBC sessions! https://deathwishinc.com/blogs/news/self-defense-family-bbc-session-limited-12ep-digital limited to 500 and available the 21st. Also I don't know if anyone saw the shirt design pat tweeted but boy I hope it ends up being a real thing.
  11. Loss Leader finally dropping that LP boiiiiii
  12. Kinda disappointed this dIdnt come with a lyric sheet because there are two lines in Bastard Form I can't figure out and it's driving me crazy.