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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    wait hold up, i think u r missing a word. what exactly am i supposed to tell my friends about that is better than Deja?
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    on the contrary, it's gonna go to 100 pages + beyond!
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    fuckin whataboutism, how does it work?
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    there are a lot of things one could potentially speak to in your post – such as the hyperbolic use of "death sentence," stunning ignorance as to why preying on young teen girls is morally wrong even if they can operate a car, lack of familiarity with dynamics of interpersonal abuse and why the abused stay with their abusers. but i think the thing you ultimately get wrong is that this mass takedown of criminal celebrities is somehow misguided, that things should just continue they way they always were. even advancing that idea rhetorically is really disappointing, honestly. it wasn't so much a matter of "tolerating" but of covering up and threatening, of whitewashing and apology tourism, and continuing the cycle of abuse. the fact that both the legal age of consent and the exploitation and abuse of (predominantly) women has been largely ignored over the past few decades is disgusting. glad more people are finally doing something about it.
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    oh good, so the victims should suffer the agony and lose their chance at a normal life for 15 years, but god forbid Jesse Lacey faces intense scrutiny and loses FANS for a few days. pedophiles should face criminal prosecution, and when they don't, or when we suspect they won't, we are under no obligation to let them crawl around "rehabilitating" their image. pedophiliac behavior is insidious and destructive, and those who partake in it ABSOLUTELY deserve severe repercussions. they do not deserve a pat on the back and a second chance. i absolutely love how you suggest those who, and i quote, commit a "heinous crime" should not face the harshest punishment of all. and finally, i keep seeing this asinine idea thrown around, that people criticizing Lacey are either puritanical or hypocritical. "glass house," my ass. only way this take works is if you're minimizing the horror of pedophiliac behavior by comparing it with everyday shortcomings or are insinuating this board and other spaces expressing outrage are infiltrated by pedophiles – both of which are laughable and indefensible.
  6. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    sorry, but you can't say something so daft and claim "devil's advocate." "devil's advocate" is reserved for a reasonable presentation of counterfactuals, and the fact you don't realize the first thing about the relationship of abuse, trauma, and mental illness disqualifies you here. as others have said, you're actually gaslighting and victim blaming, and talking out your hiney in doing so. perhaps, to be fair, it was initially an unwitting error on your part. but honestly you can be quiet about how misunderstood you are when your original point is, as you admit yourself, to undermine the credibility of a victim.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    1% my ass. tons of comments here and on socials/other forums, including yours, range from grossly naive to a defense of pedophilia. your lil gem, quoted above, belongs to the former. everything you've named here – mental disorders, panic, deep trauma when confronted with dredging things up – is a textbook example of the vile outworkings of grooming, sexual abuse, and manipulation. the fact you interpret it as potential indication of slander is irresponsible and clearly indicates you should not comment so crassly on something you clearly have no experience with.
  8. yes. site downloads a blank text file after it takes your code. will be emailing Beggars to sort this.
  9. thanks so much, think i got the last one for now.
  10. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    not sure about this tour, but they had super jacked-up prices on all media (compared to retail/label mailorder prices) on the last tour. also, shirts + a crewneck for $30 and $50 respectively.
  11. PO NOW: Porches - The House

    Domino shipping prices still suck. so do $10 cassettes, but grabbed an LP this time around. no complaints about a new Porches record, though. excited!
  12. LP only plays out of one channel

    Imagine if you actually had something to contribute
  13. Recently purchased a 2xLP where the first disc is pristine but second disc plays only out of the left channel. Of course thought at first that my setup had given out somehow in the time it took me to switch discs, but was easy enough to troubleshoot and determine the fault lay with the disc itself. Mostly interested to know how common this sort of thing is, whether anyone here had a similar experience with huge quality differences between discs across a newer pressing. Also interested in theories on why this might have happened. I have to imagine it's not negligence of the variety where a label doesn't opt for test pressings / doesn't listen to them attentively, as the label responsible for this pressing is a smaller operation. I would have to guess I got one of a few bad copies in the larger print run. You never know though...
  14. PO Now: King Krule - The OOZ

    any hope of the limited color edition turning up in the US?
  15. PO now: Baths - Romaplasm

    i've said my piece, probably should get back to work on the revised and updated edition of 18th Brumaire my publisher's been hounding me about. really can't stand that bourgeois mouthbreather.