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  1. something something green tea impairs cognitive function, happy twentieth day of the fourth month
  2. If you're vigilant, you might be able to snag a retail copy of the blue from Boomkat. They put up extra blue stock of the First Movement a few weeks after it had sold out, so keep an eye out there. I would be shocked if there isn't at least a second pressing coinciding with widely available distribution copies for this latest movement though.
  3. amazing amazing amazing makes Star Roving seem like that much worse of a song still can't believe that made the cut AND was given the honor of "first single after massive hiatus"
  4. Selling / trading a blue copy of Radiating Light at cost if anyone is looking for it. Just send me a message.
  5. SBT + Dinzu are dropping some reaaaaallly cool stuff these days
  6. Got this as well. But more importantly, will they still honor my order of The National LP that's not shipping out till May if i cancel the auto renewal before then? I assume they'll have to...
  7. In exchange, I am looking for one of the following: - any pressing of Ricky Eat Acid's "Three Love Songs" LP - any pressing of mewithoutYou – Catch for us the Foxes - Juno – This is the Way it Goes and Goes and Goes Not sure how much overlap there might between Gorillaz and these other bands' fanbases, but I figured it'd be worth a shot!
  8. just got my color copy of Geotic in! was distressed it had sold out at the Ghostly storefront, but found a copy through the ever-excellent Apothecary Compositions.
  9. sweet, will go nicely with my Flutterboard cassette
  10. yeah, i agree. but it's essentially the same blue used for Patience, so having different shades down the line at least would be nice..
  11. oh u scared me briefly. email makes it seem that repress will be available for order in the coming months, not today^
  12. digital DL on boomkat doesn't release until tomorrow. minor inconvenience. they're such an affordable service for American buyers, too. quite nice.