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  1. lool they did also advertise glitter tapes, which are a bit sexier for some than clear w. various liner colors. probably just did a random mix with, but idk how many of each. i ordered two and, should i get two identical tapes by some stroke of bad bad luck, would be down to trade with someone who doesn't like their shell color/type. won't know till i get back home late this next week tho.
  2. definitely hoping it grows. i'd be more disappointed if TRICK through Beach Music weren't one of the most legendary album runs ever, but i can't say i like it much so far. "Rocket" seems like a jack of all trades, master of none thing so far. especially given the great lengths he's gone to avoid the hallmarks of his earlier records and how superficial the nods to roots music and jazz are. "witch" is a fantastic track, though.
  3. Kinda like that more than any of the other color ways. Will probably keep my Amazon order.
  4. Any idea what color amazon will stock? Suppose it's the luck of the draw...
  5. would anticipate multiple variants, given what they did with the recent As Cities Burn repress.
  6. oh neat! like, just collabs? or also session musicians?
  7. you might not have meant anything by it, but when you say "the band," are you suggesting Alex isn't the only creative force behind the record? like, his touring band was in the studio with him?
  8. yikes, shouldn't have ordered this from Amoeba. Get a shipping notif today, and it is only projected to arrive on the 12th :/
  9. right you are, conflated his session work with production for some reason.
  10. someone's been hanging out with Mat Cothran also new today:
  11. already on backorder, but placed an order hoping they honor the price!
  12. something something green tea impairs cognitive function, happy twentieth day of the fourth month
  13. If you're vigilant, you might be able to snag a retail copy of the blue from Boomkat. They put up extra blue stock of the First Movement a few weeks after it had sold out, so keep an eye out there. I would be shocked if there isn't at least a second pressing coinciding with widely available distribution copies for this latest movement though.