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  1. last week for this sale – buy 3 or more LPs or tapes and i'll cut you a nice discount!
  2. God, it's painful how dated this band's promo & marketing strategy is. Doubly so since they are obviously far less relevant then they were during the Twilight soundtrack years.
  3. payday bump!
  4. Responded to all messages & updated list to reflect sold items. Help me move some more items!
  5. messaged
  6. Moving to a smaller apartment so it's time to say goodbye to some of the ol' collection Vinyl is largely comprised of recent indie/alternative releases; tapes lean more experimental, but there are a number of indie/alt. tapes there too. Vinyl is graded and priced individually. Tapes are, with a few exceptions, $4/piece. Am happy to ship single tapes, but would prefer to sell multiple records. View here:
  7. i have a ton of tapes as well, send me a message and i'll get back to you with a list once i'm back at home!
  8. just got mine in and it's a marbled dark purple LP, which isn't listed on discogs. maybe the 7th(?) and newest pressing?
  9. Like Jack Johnson fronting Real Estate. There were much more interesting takes on this sound a few years back. Gonna wait to hear another track or two before I grab this.
  10. It's not a great strategy to meet up face-to-face or even talk on the phone with someone who you believe to be emotionally abusing you / gaslighting you. Not only are you able to keep your distance, you have a nifty record of what goes down.
  11. production and writing credits are entirely different things, as someone as smug as yo'self should know. a producer with writing credits is making much more substantive contributions to the song than retooling demos with a new guitar tone or some Hammond overdubs. to elaborate on this particular case, it's fairly common knowledge (outside of this thread, at least lol) that Will Yip writes for bands he produces these days. it's a smart move on Will's part, because it allows him to make sure none of the - well, how to say this - less compelling bands he takes on end up with a record that drags his reputation. and bands and their labels aren't gonna say no to a better end product. it's a win-win, a good business model, and not all too uncommon in the music world.
  12. yeah, but starting with PV, Yip was more or less responsible for all the writing too
  13. that's what known as the Will Yip effect