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  1. She said: "He got girls and fucked them at school. There were rumors, there were rumors he was into field hockey players. All I know, there were rumors" He said: "so, basically I applied" she said: "he was gone the next day" he said: "I went out for the team" she said: " it was like they were so hush hush, they were so quiet about it, and then the next thing you know..."
  2. Vox? Really. Yes, lets vox-splain this situation. You sure the comedy channel doesn't have a so-called news comedian to better describe the situation?
  3. Vox? Really. Yes, lets vox-splain this situation. You sure the comedy channel doesn't have a so-called news comedian to better describe the situation?
  4. Well all this righteous debating and name calling in a VC forum finally made a difference in the real world. WASHINGTON — A top White House official appeared to reverse a key part of President Trump’s immigration order on Sunday, saying that people from the affected countries who hold green cards will not be prevented from returning to the United States.
  5. Rules for Radicals #4 " Make the enemy live up to their own set of rules".
  6. I was there for this tour. Thanks for the amazon link. Great memories of packing Lupo's and listening to this all-star lineup that was simply awesome. I had a tour shirt and poster at one time but pretty sure they are long gone from my collectibles. Still hum this line while listening to the news. "Baby boomers selling you rumors of their history, forcing youth away from the truth of what's real today, the kids of today should defend themselves against the 70's." Classic.
  7. the, uuuuh, 80's called and they, uuuhhh, want their foreign, uhhh, policy back. One more day...
  8. Instead of SJW you could be referenced as the "tears and fears" coalition.
  10. "the enemy of my enemy is who I am voting for Nov. 8th"... Thank you Michael Moore. Is Five-Thirty-Eight still in business today?
  11. So this is still a choice between a citizen who says mean things vs. career politician who has lied, used and abused government all her life for money. Someone who has built buildings and says mean things vs. someone who voted for the iraq war, obamafail, abused irs, compromised fbi, libya, rise of isis, return of russia threat, etc.,... Someone the press will scrutinize vs. someone the dnc-msm will never question on any issue. New set of crooks vs. return of old set of crooks. 71 year old who can't shut his mouth vs. 70 year old who can barely stand up for 10 minutes. Still only one choice for me.
  12. Heading to the Third Man store in Detroit this weekend, among other activities. Besides the blue Acoustic LP (if available). Are there any other store only releases that I should be looking for on my visit?
  13. About that Gary loses it video, do not miss: "it just is" "ahhh technically, yes." Classic stuff right there. This guy needs to get in the game and should just come out and say that he will, is his first hour in office, issue an executive order that will legalize everyone living here. Then we will have a real 3-way contest based almost entirely on immigration. Finish the issue once and for all. Do we want border enforcement or not.
  14. One more coughing fit from her, on the big debate stage, and the lying show is o-v-e-r. "a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse"