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  1. Any hints as to how it might differ from the mockup? That’s been one of the things keeping me from placing an order (sorry if that sounds shallow but with the amount of pressings going around and limited funds I’m really trying to land on one or two solid copies).
  2. Those liquid filled ones look sweet but I’ll be content with a cheaper variant I can spin regularly. I also feel like the allure of a test press is lost on me for this album, there’ll probably be as many tests between labels as some of the more limited pressings. ATO and Strange World (via Homeless) will likely be my picks.
  3. Hey all, I’m trying to save up some money for a new guitar so I’m looking to move a few records. Most are duplicates and haven’t seen much (if any) turntable action. Prices are shipped within the US (no international orders sorry!). I’d also be more than happy to work out some deals for multiple records. Fee free to hit me up with any questions and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Black Vinyl) $12 King Gizzard - Murder of the Universe (Flightless Floating Fire edition) / Still Sealed $55 King Gizzard - Murder of the Universe (Flightless Vom edition) / Still Sealed $55 King Gizzard - Nonagon Infinity (Pic Disc) / Pic disc sleeve is folded and split in areas $35 Mikal Cronin - MCII (black wax) $10 Mitski - Puberty 2 (Red Secretly Club Edition) / Still Sealed! $35 OBN IIIs - Live in SF (Clear Wax) $25 Raum (Grouper & Jeffrey Cantu Ledesma) - The Event Of Your Leaving / Still Sealed! $30 Red House Painters - Old Ramon (Loser Edition) Still Sealed $18 Tame Impala - S/T EP (RSD Red Wax) / Crease in top left of sleeve $45 Thee Oh Sees / Total Control Split (Half Yellow / Half Clear) $40 Warm Soda - Symbolic Dream (Ketchup & Mustard Wax) $16 Warm Soda - Young Reckless Hearts (Pentacolour Vinyl) $35
  4. I think the only other album this year with microtonal instruments was Sketches (the track D-Day if I’m recalling correctly). MotU credits on the back of the jacket listed the instruments of each band member on the LP down to the brand and model, pretty cool stuff. Also Shuga have a pressing on clear wax supposedly shipping mid-December https://www.shugarecords.com/products/kinggizzardthelizardwizard-polygondwanaland-newvinyl2017shugaexclusiveclearvinylwithglow-in-the-darkslipmatandpostersticker-psychgarageinsanity
  5. No microtonal instruments, pretty sure the guitars are in some different tunings though.
  6. ATO will likely press this, from FB: "This Thursday @ 5pm EST King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard will release their 4th album of 2017, "Polygondwanaland" for FREE via their website. See below for a full statement from the band. ATO is working on a physical release of our own and we'll be releasing more details in the next few weeks. Get stoked, Poly rules."
  7. I’m gonna hold out until Friday (Thursday in the US?) to see if ATO or Heavenly offer up anything sweet. Very excited for the album though, 10 tracks + the title track will likely be similar length to Crumbling Castle based off the demo Stu accidentally leaked!
  8. Someone spoke to Ambrose at a show on the recent US tour and he said that other than Polygondwanaland there’s a jazzy pop album in the works, if I’m recalling correctly the plan is to repress the back catalogue in 2018 (though Eric said they’d maybe be on black wax, hope that isn’t the case).
  9. I’ve seen elsewhere since then that someone in the band mentioned both LPs were in a similar place completion wise and that whichever was finished first would be released next. 5 albums is still a very real possibility, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5th record doesn’t ship until 2018.
  10. Tomorrow is Friday in Australia... hoping for a drop then. This could be the best of the bunch.
  11. According to Larry, the grey is /300 and the clear is the /400 Rough Trade exclusive (though 100 were kept in the US and supposedly shipped as ITR orders after grey ran out). Doesn't really explain the whole Interpunk thing though I guess they may have been slipped a few coloured copies from the distributor.
  12. I haven’t but apparently a copy has already shown up in Southern California so I’m really hoping mine isn’t too far off.
  13. There was definitely an accompanying bonus CD sent out with Plum from Drag City. The band have a new 7” with touring mates Darto but I was told they wouldn’t be receiving that until they hit NY. It’s also available to pre-order from Aagoo Records: http://aagoo.com/darto-wand-7/
  14. Same. Been awhile since I’ve been wowed by an ITR variant, hopefully it isn’t just a single colour that doesn’t match the LP art in any way (looking at you Traditional Fools / CFM).