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  1. Selling some extra and unwanted records. Open to all offers, $3 unlimited shipping, US shipping only please. High priority to multi-item orders with at least one 12" to save on shipping materials. These items are also for sale on my Discogs but better deals, cheaper shipping and free 7 inches through VC. I do not expect Discogs prices from VC members. Also open to trades if you have a tradelist. Search my collection if you want something very specific, although I'm not willing to sell just anything. 10" Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979 [pic disc RSD 2015 /500, came with no jacket just plastic sleeve] 18 F.Y.P and Chaniwa - Let's All Go Sidewalk Surfin' [/1000, sealed] 3 Lizzie Huffman - Lizzie Huffman and her Brother Band [whiskey coke /150, unplayed] 5 Nouns - Still Bummed [lathe press with screenprinted cover limited to small unknown amount, unplayed] ??? 12" 1994! - Fuck It [transparent red /100, unplayed] 12 2814 - Rain Temple [clear vinyl /2000, creased top left corner and very slight ring wear, sealed] 21 50 Foot Wave - Power+Light [unknown color, sealed] 8 Acid Witch - Midnight Movies EP [Pic Disc /111, unplayed] 35 Annie Ellicott - Lonesome Goldmine [175g letter-pressed jacket edition limited to 50, played side A once] 25 Beach Fossils - Somersault [clear vinyl with goodie bag, no poster, played once and really wasn't a fan] 20 The Capones - Drop The Crown ['mud on her gown' colored vinyl /50, unplayed] 40 Caspian - Tertia [fourth press red vinyl /100, sealed] 40 Ceremony - Rohnert Park LP [first press red vinyl /300, lightly used, minor jacket imperfections] 40 City and Colour - Lover Come Back / Wasted Love [technically a 7", heart-shaped vinyl single is perfect while the PVC sleeve has minor imperfections - 'Harm' necklace included] 18 Cloud - Zen Summer ['Mellow Yellow' vinyl limited to 300, unplayed] 20 Colin Andrew Sheffield and James Eck Rippie - Variations [180 gram clear vinyl /400, unsealed but unplayed, some jacket imperfection] 7 Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain [second press /1000 blue vinyl, unsealed but unplayed] 25 Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech [second press /1000 green vinyl, unsealed but unplayed] 20 Esprit 空想 - virtua.zip [black vinyl /200 sealed, tiny dings and small creases due to unprotected shipment] 40 Frog - Kind Of Blah [black vinyl /300, a little creasing and a ding, sealed] 12 Fuzz - II [white vinyl /200, one teeny tiny corner ding, unplayed] 50 Garden Gate - Dark Harvest [pink vinyl /99 with tarot card, played once, tiny ding] 50 Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie [yellow 'indie-exclusive" vinyl, no booklet, sealed] 22 Hookworms - Pearl Mystic [180 Gram black vinyl played once] 12 HRVRD - The Inevitable And I [Hot Topic repress transparent blue /300, had normal Hot Topic shelf wear but records themselves are beautiful, played twice] ??? Imogen Heap - Ellipse [clear cream vinyl /200, unplayed import with very minor wear] 60 Jesu / Eluvium - Jesu / Eluvium [lightly used, white vinyl /500, Hydra Head Industries version, tiny ding on top left corner] 15 Jesus Sons - Bring It On Home [orange vinyl /100, played once] 10 Josh Small - Josh Small's Juke [transparent blue /350, sealed] 5 King Dude - Songs Of Flesh And Blood - In The Key Of Light [blood/cream vinyl /300, sealed] 22 King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity [nonagon-shaped double picture disc /1500, unplayed] 45 Kill West - Raw Desire EP [clear with black and white splatter /125, sealed] 28 Late Night Friends - What I Think I'm Not [fluorescent yellow #159/300, unplayed] 8 Lymbyc Systym - Carved By Glaciers [blue marble vinyl, tiny impacted corners, played once or twice] 7 Meishi Smile - Belong [black vinyl /250, sealed] 18 Michael Dean Damron - Plea From A Ghost [Grey marble vinyl, sealed] 5 Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow [grey vinyl /300, UK exclusive, one tiny corner ding otherwise beautiful, unplayed] 20 Pygmy Lush / Turboslut - Split LP [lightly used item, black vinyl] 8 The Radio Dept. - Occupied [EP /1000 sealed] 16 Ringo Deathstarr - God's Dream [tri-color vinyl /100, one tiny corner ding otherwise beautiful, unplayed] 20 Ringo Deathstarr - Pure Mood [lemonade yellow /250, one ding at bottom right, unplayed] 30 Rocket 455 - Go To Hell ['radioactive' green vinyl /200, 2015 press, sealed] 15 Rogue Wave - Cover Me [clear splatter with bonus 7" /300, unplayed, one tiny ding] 40 Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Peaceblaster [2xLP gatefold lightly used, black vinyl - very minor ring wear and imperfection to jacket] ??? Sport - Bon Voyage [black and grey splatter/marble /500, played a couple times, EU import] 35 St. Vincent - St. Vincent [black vinyl, gatefold, lightly used item has very minor ring wear when held to light] 10 Stereotyperider - Songs in the Key of F and U [baby blue/white swirl vinyl, sealed - due to thin card stock the cover is 'wavy' but the record itself is perfect] 5 Sudden Suspension - There's A Bigger Picture Here [pink w/ blue splatter /350, sealed] 8 The Takers - Taker Easy [orange 'beer' colored vinyl, unplayed] 5 TaunTaun - TaunTaun [sealed, bought as red vinyl] 7 Test Icicles - For Screening Purposes Only [black vinyl, played once] 30 Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds [second press transparent green /200, second owner lightly used item, tiny dings] 12 toe - Hear You [180 Gram Black /250, unplayed, one little ding] 25 Treasure Mammal - I Will Cut You With My EBT Card [random color mix /300, unplayed] 15 The Tumbled Sea - Melody / Summer [kickstarter blue, played a couple times] ??? Why? - Moh Lhean [VIP edition #175/500 blue and pink swirl with poster, side A played once] 30 Woodsman - Woodsman [Green repress /300 unplayed] 7 Xiu Xiu - Forget [Tour edition with alternate color artwork /350, sealed] ??? Various Artists - House Of The Rising Fuzz [clear with purple splatter /250, side A played once, slightly crimped corner] 12 Cassettes Astro Cowboy - Hedonism Colosseum Arsene Obscene - RVB Broken Beak - Curse Burner City And Colour - Little Hell (First press /200 unplayed) City And Colour - The Hurry And The Harm (First press /200 unplayed) City And Colour - If I Should Go Before You (First press /200 unplayed) Groundislava - Groundislava Groundislava - Feel Me Groundislava - Frozen Throne KROPN - PlanetEarthRecycled KROPN - Signalwave KROPN - 無限の静けさ mewithoutYou - Pale Horses mewithoutYou - Ten Stories Muhammadali - Future Songs Thee Oh Sees - Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion / Dog Poison ____________________________________________ 7" Since I don't have a bunch of 7" mailers and I don't want to buy them for these low value singles, these are effectively throw ins to any order. Just tell me if you want a particular one. If you want more than one gimme $2 per. Anchor Arms - Milligrams Cave In - Anchor Chad Price / Rocky Votolato The Manix - Van Activities Memoirs & Landmines - Try New Bruises - Goodbye Middle Class O Pioneers!!! / New Bruises - Under The Influence Vol. 10 (blue vinyl /1000) RNDM - Modern Times (black) Ruiner / Attica! Attica! - Under The Influence Vol. 14 (opaque red vinyl /700) Sam Lowry + Wayword Sons - Julianne (translucent red)
  2. Here's a sample song. Sounds screechy AF. Waiting on Castle Face.
  3. Whoops. Thanks.
  4. That VMP Exclusive still available? I'm looking at the site but it won't tell me either way because I'm not a member. Not really sure if this would be worth signing up for, I've resisted VMP as long as I can but... Fleet Foxes is different. It would really suck to sign up and find they're sold out though.
  5. Well that sold out quick. I appreciate you posting this, I bought it immediately.
  6. Looking for any Coyote Clean up tapes, CD-R, any other merchandise. Send me a message and we'll work something out! Double Trouble CD-R Downhill Express Cassette Double Doom Cassette Frozen Solid Cassette /denmother - #Blast Cassette Disarm The Settlers 7" (any color) And anything else not on this list! Already have the 2 Hot To Wait LP so not too keen on that. Anything else please let me know!
  7. Looking for any Coyote Clean up tapes, CD-R, any other merchandise. Send me a message and we'll work something out! Double Trouble CD-R Downhill Express Cassette Double Doom Cassette Frozen Solid Cassette /denmother - #Blast Cassette Disarm The Settlers 7" (any color) And anything else not on this list! Already have the 2 Hot To Wait LP so not too keen on that. Anything else please let me know!
  8. Gonna have to go with Derek on this one. I read the entire write-up twice, but I had to go to the bandcamp link and see that some guy called it post rock to know that it was post rock.
  9. Auto tune and sayin 'nigga' 80 times was played out like ten years ago.
  10. Yup, similar story. Also in the market for the colored version. I thought I was mistaken when I saw sold out on the site and kept switching back to this thread. I know I slept on it too long in the first place.
  11. EDIT: I only read the first page like an idiot and didn't realize how many people repeated the same words I just said. Regardless, I ordered through Sub Pop and am hoping for the 7". If I don't get it, I may send an email citing the original phrasing and see what happens.
  12. I'm in New York and the shipping is indeed 20 euro. No cheaper option is available except in-store pickup.
  13. I received this yesterday - thinking "holy shit that was fast" - but haven't been able to play it til today. It came with no liners or bubble wrap or anything so a couple dings, but I think the gatefold probably held up well. The pressing IS fantastic, I haven't been able to hear a bit of static or noise or skips at all, everything audio is clean as a whistle. Bass is strong. The gatefold is nice and everything I want, with no real frills or extras. This record is a good memory of an exciting time in my life, and has been on my want list since I started collecting despite my taste stretching out in various ways. I'm very satisfied to own this, and if I paid 40 bucks plus shipping I would think it was a high quality buy and feel very lucky. This buy was strange because I haven't bought anything new for myself in about a month, so I felt I could treat myself and didn't balk at the price. The fact that so many balked ensured I could acquire one, so that was different from the mad rush at the first second of availability. It's a real shame they couldn't press a higher quantity of these, pleasing more fans, discouraging flippers and probably lowering the price for the bulk order. It could have gone the way of Robbers & Cowards and press so many you just shut out the flippers past and present. I don't have an extensive knowledge of contracts, but I can definitely see how they eventually fuck over fans and do weird things to the market. tl;dr It was worth it to me