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  1. If you mean the RAINN one I be down. If you mean Ethereal's then disregard, I have mine.
  2. Best Box to Ship Records

    I have been shipping for a few years now and have always regarded those cardboard squares as a big waste of money. If you buy a lot of records, usually you'll receive a ton of mailers. Those that can't be reused, I have one of those big handle paper slicers - I cut em 12 by 12 and recycle the scraps. They're not always pretty but I can tell they stop shifting just as well as "standard' ones. Just fill the space. This is especially useful if you use amazon prime and get one record at a time.
  3. All I'm missing is Fuzz Club. Got Vinyl Moon and VC ages ago.
  4. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Mine just arrived. Gotta say it looks gorgeous.
  5. Hope I'm not stuck with this
  6. My Gumboot Death arrived,with big ass scratches on side A, killing the entire 4th song. Contacted Flightless a little bit ago. Kind of a bummer.
  7. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Yeah scalpers Are SCUM!!!!1!!!! (anyone have an extra ? reasonable prices only)
  8. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    I obsessively keep track of all my paid orders, spreadsheet style. I've had to call out some never received. I'd like to set it and forget it but it's not possible, now that I have literally thrown money into a void, I have to be vigilant. Probably wouldn't happen with Frank Ocean. Probably.
  9. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Months long preorders with little to no updates are poorly planned or deliberately obtuse. both are bullshit. just say it'll take 6 months from the get go. stop unnecessary paypal cases and just be transparent about wait times from the start.
  10. PO: Against All Logic - 2012-2017

    This is goddamn good. Thank you
  11. Maps and Atlases' new album Lightlessness Is Nothing New is a celebration of our magnificent, foolhardy pursuits to find love, happiness, and control in a world defined by mystery, hardship, and, worst of all, brevity. In the brooding yet playful vein of The Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel, Maps embraces the paradox of what it is to be human — constantly searching and, forever unsatiated, returning again and again with everlasting hope to the ever-darkening fray. Pre order @ Barsuk 18$ Doesn't appear to be any limited edition. Not really feeling the single.
  12. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    When most of the vapor vinyl happens to come from countries other than the US, the group buys are definitely welcome. I'm actually a little shocked one guy took it upon himself to round up buyers, contact labels, collect payments correctly and pack up 30 records every so often, simply because he wants to spread it out. Maybe he gets a free record or something but in any case I applaud all his effort. How would that help? Then there would be two vapor threads, talkin bout the same thing.
  13. Online Record Selling

    Every time someone brings this up, I think about Amazon selling Bowie records for 11 bucks shipped, and just wonder how it would ever work.