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  1. I got that Covers album the first time around and wasn't huge on it. They covered some great 80's songs that made it hard to pass up but I didn't end up listening to it very often. This, on the other hand, has been in my want list for a good long time. I didn't realize regular retail copies had crept up in price.. that said, $35 for one double LP is pretty steep, but colored vinyl, bonus songs etc... I get it I guess. They also have some Marcy Playground LP's from RSD with the bonus 7", which is going for about $80 on the aftermarket right now, looks like. I appreciate this post.
  2. I ordered a Nirvana 7" single one time and it came in a big 'hassle-free' 12 inch mailer but when i opened it it wasn't there. it must have slipped out of the extra big box. It was strictly an add-on item but it shipped by itself, empty. i lost four bucks.
  3. What's your favorite vaporwave album

    Just let people enjoy music however they want to, please. This is a vinyl forum. He asked a vinyl question.
  4. What's your favorite vaporwave album

    I came across a post on VCC (Vaporwave Cassette Club) that outlined all current vinyl releases for sale that are branded as some type of vaporwave, or future funk. I can post it if you want, I haven't had experience with every one of those albums. If I had to make my own personal 'must have' list, it'd probably look something like: Saint Pepsi - Hit Vibes Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe Surfing - Deep Fantasy 2814 - Birth Of A New Day (Rain Temple and self-titled are/were available, but less essential imo) Vaperror - Mana Pool Catsystem Corp. - Hiraeth Macross 82-89 - Sailorwave Unfortunately missed out on the Macross, but I have the rest of it. Sorry if you're a hardcore vapor fan and think I'm totally wrong, there are others I frequently see in collections that I don't have that may be considered more essential, but I haven't heard em or haven't wanted to shell out. Be aware that some of these go for ridiculous prices on discogs, if they've sold out. EDIT: I guess you could throw OPN's Replica on there too, but I have long considered it separate from that scene, personally.
  5. Hello, just thought The Duke (and others, maybe) might like to know that Salty Dog (the lava lamp splatter) just put up 3 new variants limited to VERY small quantities. Venom Strike (green with black and white splatter) /25 $50AUD Colour Burst: Acid Wash (blue and red, looks like a color-in-color or even a blob type run) /13 $35AUD Drawn & Quartered (blue and red again, looks like a clean bi-color but it's not just half and half) /7 $35AUD ++australian shipping, obviously. If any of you held out and still want a color that's close to the cover, these look pretty good, all 180 gram - be aware, I believe the cover is an alternate green to the original art, so any color-matching to the cover is kinda pointless since the cover looks different. Oh well. I have issued a ban on any more Polygondwanaland stuff for myself, so have at it.
  6. ERROL FLABBA HOLT : Roots Radics Dub

    I think that's a high offer considering you have no feedback (or substitute feedback), I have no idea what the condition of the record is, and this got repressed very recently.
  7. ERROL FLABBA HOLT : Roots Radics Dub

    I did my research and I will offer you $29.95.
  8. Very surprised those Flightless pressings sold out, I know it's Gizzard and hype is still high, but I thought that pumpkin was gonna linger. Seeing those ATO variants made me very happy with the Gumboot Death. I haven't gotten anything in 2018 yet, but I ordered a Lava Lamp as well. Mock up pic looked really similar to a Wax Mage. My mind just went straight from 'all that Polygondwana stuff will arrive in the near future, maybe February' to 'I wonder if it'll show up tomorrow'
  9. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I bought in the US with no trouble. With intl. shipping it's about 30 bucks, steep for one record but I'm a sucker for 'rarest' variants at time of release.
  10. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    Good news. Wasn't expecting this. In for that black-in-clear blue / 200!
  11. The Duke isn't trying to get a rise out of anybody, and he has more spirit than most. I wondered about him at first but his determination about cataloging Polygondwanaland is staggering, and there's such genuine, earnest interest I can't help but be happy he's here. Not one drop of sarcasm from him whatsoever, it's refreshing.
  12. Believe that pumpkin is just an orange black swirl, I don't think it's separated colors for each side. Small difference I know. I'm in for one Gumboot Death.
  13. PO NOW: Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

    I see. I guess I've been behind, but off the bat that doesn't sound like a great idea, I'll have to explore this further.