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  1. their UK store is fucked up just keeps reloading page when you go to checkout. Any product even just a shirt and t shirt.
  2. its funny people were complaining when it was 30
  3. I could be wrong but I don't think Dallas is singing, wasn't he in a horrible ATV accident and have massive facial and jaw damage?
  4. Foxy Shazam introducing and yelawolf radioactive lp’s

  5. thanks grabbed it, its also on yellow vinyl instead of white which is cool
  6. the green tour variant sold out the night before San Diego so I never got a chance to grab one on saturday........ anyone have an extra?
  7. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    i actually really enjoyed high country and I agree they are terrible live. Probably one of the worst ive seen.
  8. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    40 Fucking dollars! are you joking me
  9. its definitely not 500, their store said limited to 500 in North American store hinting that there are others in different regions. Also, their website says 'SOLD OUT IN USA" once again meaning there are others in different regions. Just for reference "**Only 500 of these will be available on the North American Sumerian Store**" I think the person form sumerian meant "YEAH WE HAVE 500 AVAILABLE FROM OUR STORE AND ANOTHER 500 IN OTHER LOCATIONS!!"
  10. did you give it a listen? I am waiting to hear what its like before buying. Are they actual songs or just noise they all made playing their instruments. Feedback would be great!
  11. probably the only heavy part of the whole album. I am really expecting this to sound like The Dear Hunter orchestra type rock.
  12. i won't be buying this because their last album was boring and still can't find any enjoyment in it. This one will probably be down that same path.
  13. i take it they are no longer a metal band
  14. PO: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

    actually wait, WTF 15$ for shipping is ridiculous