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  1. i won't be buying this because their last album was boring and still can't find any enjoyment in it. This one will probably be down that same path.
  2. i take it they are no longer a metal band
  3. PO: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

    actually wait, WTF 15$ for shipping is ridiculous
  4. PO: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

    poster, fucking poster

    I am almost positive this is not a new press and is just the red with white first press because this has been available a while. If you look at the picture it has a merge/blob on the center that the red white one has. If it was a new press I would buy it because I love this album, but I am pretty sure I would just end up with two of the same.
  6. NOW: Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter

    I just recieved this earlier today! Gave it a listen and it’s amazing! Definitely worth the purchase! Thanks again Yanq for putting it together and your teams hand written note! You guys are awesome
  7. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    yeah I'm the same accept i only bought II, i had a chance to get III but didn't and now am really bummed.
  8. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    I am really disappointed i missed I and III.
  9. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    I might throw 100$ towards it, what do you use to purchase currencies, any recommendations? I haven't purchased something since 2012 when I bought bitcoins back then (sold them years ago) but haven't purchased anything since.
  10. NOW: Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter

    grabbed the /100 wish the splatter was the /100 because it's definitely the better variant.
  11. I received mine also and they sound AMAZING! The last 75% of this album is really great. The first actual song is alright but its all amazing from there.
  12. NOW: Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter

    any way you can reserve a /100 from me? I dont want to miss out if it sells out imediately. I will try to purchase it right when it goes up.
  13. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    Oh of course, i didn't think you were bitching, everyone has their own take on everything. I just love them as a band and they do most of their stuff independently and want to support them so they continue to make music. I purchased all colored variants from EU and US pre-orders.
  14. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    I dont mind the color choices at all, This album is great.
  15. The 10th anniversary edition comes with a brand new studio re-recording of 10-minutes opener Rhyacian, featuring the current lineup with Loic Rossetti on vocals, Paul Seidel on drums and Mattias Hägerstrand on bass. • 3 LPs in 3 different vinyl colour style • same packaging as the original ltd. edition: gatefold with an extra thick spine, diecut holes, special metallic inks, UV spot gloss varnish • printed inner sleeves, 2 inlays 3 Colored versions each /250 https://pelagic-records.com/product/the-ocean-precambrian-3xlp-10th-anniversary-edition/ I have the original pressings of this album and its amazing, one of the greatest post metal/metal albums an done of the coolest packages of any vinyl I own
  16. The only thing I have heard people mention when they say they really like the album is "the base sounds good!" No other redeeming qualities lol.
  17. i could be in, i don't have this. But only if GUMBY picks up an ocean record eventually.
  18. for me this is my AOTY for most forgettable release and the more I try to listen to it, the more I realize there were a bunch of amazing albums released this year, this is not one of them.
  19. start with their most recent from the begining, its an amazing ALBUM AOY for me previously https://theocean.bandcamp.com/album/pelagial this and their past 2 albums have the same singer and its more post metal in vein of cult of lunaish. Thier older album listed above and the aolean and fluxion albums use multiple different singers and are more metal, but still have a bunch of post metal influx.
  20. I think these guys into the post-metal category THE OCEAN – “Precambrian” 3xLP – 10th anniversary edition • 3 LPs in 3 different vinyl colour style • same packaging as the original ltd. edition: gatefold with an extra thick spine, diecut holes, special metallic inks, UV spot gloss varnish • printed inner sleeves, 2 inlays https://pelagic-records.com/product/the-ocean-precambrian-3xlp-10th-anniversary-edition/
  21. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    what does AP 0001 mean? thats whats printed on the back of mine in gold where everyone elses numbers are
  22. Not really sure how you equate 300$ total current bids compiled across everything of theirs to "Thousands of Dollars," or how it's ridiculous they are selling test presses when many labels do that. Also I am not being a smart ass I just don't understand where your reasoning comes in.
  23. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    I paid for over night and got Pony Express delivered by man on live animal.
  24. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    out of 700 records the only ones to ever arrive screwed up are from DHL international i also got first wave shipping today