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  1. AndrewSS

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Dang bummed I missed the Katamari Fantasy again and also that I already ordered Celeste. If I had known this version was coming totally would have waited it out
  2. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    The book showing one or the other shouldn't matter. The sleeve the record is in is reversible. I don't know what they'd be able to do for you without an order number though Email is [email protected] if you end up needing it
  3. AndrewSS

    WTB: TWY Records (Updated 10/8)

    Bump! Added Sister Cities Olive Green variant and the We Look Like Lightning promo 7 inch
  4. AndrewSS

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Golf Story through Fan Gamer for anyone interested. Packaging looks cool and green vinyl is a nice touch. https://www.fangamer.com/products/golf-story-vinyl-soundtrack
  5. I wonder what the price difference will be for the "HD" versions of releases.
  6. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Order is being corrected. Sidewalk Fullfillment Services has been an absolute breeze to work with.
  7. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    I had shipping issues as well so I've been in contact. Didn't order through merchnow ordered through LPOE.
  8. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Warning to everyone who ordered. I just got my copy of the sunset smash variant and it was listed as being sunset smash on the sticker but had the wrong variant packaged inside. https://imgur.com/a/mCi3l
  9. AndrewSS

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Dang!! Didn't even know this splatoon record existed. Looks like I have a new white whale
  10. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Any Canadian homies want to help out with that sunrise records variant hopeless tweeted about? I can't find it online so I imagine it is in store only.
  11. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    I'm in the same boat right now. Variant collecting for this band gets hard when record release variants get added into the mix.
  12. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    NCTH banquet variant took forever to sell out as well. Surprised me then as well.
  13. AndrewSS

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Listened to the album a few times since I got the code the other night. Absolutely love it. Very bummed I couldn't make it down to Philly for the pop up
  14. AndrewSS

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    Totally thought op meant a 4 way split featuring Jeff and not a post- variant
  15. AndrewSS

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    Quad split?