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  1. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Surely not talking about the 45s....
  2. Ministry PO's

    Gave Sphinctour a spin last night. Sounds good by my ears.
  3. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    How is it?
  4. Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    Got my red copy today. Worst....shipping.....ever. Shipping box is way oversized and album thrown into it loosely with nothing but wrinkled up paper for padding. Haven’t opened the album yet but shockingly there are no dings or splits.
  5. Just wanted to give any Ministry fans a heads up in case you've missed these like I had. Let Them Eat Vinyl in the UK has put out 3 Ministry albums that have never been pressed before: Sphinctour (Blue Double LP), Animositisomina (Red Double LP), and Houses of the Mole (Clear Double LP). Cheapest I was able to find them was via import cd's and Moviemars on Ebay. Snagged each of them for ~22 bucks a pop.
  6. Nope, just a (what I assume is 11x22) foldout insert. Looks pretty neat though. Sleeve is super thin though. Very bootleg-esque.
  7. Got Bullmoose order today. Red.
  8. What's the story on the red variant? I've had an order with Bullmoose ever since they put the listing up. Original confirmation was the smoke version, but looking at my order history it shows the red version.
  9. What email service do you use that you don't have a spam filter or the ability to block specific email addresses?
  10. Interesting. No Candlebox on the official announcement.
  11. Well, the website is up. Sheet music for each song on the album.
  12. I wondered same thing. Guessing site will go live tomorrow.
  13. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    Wow, I even went to look at the page after I read your post. Somehow still missed it. Thanks for the heads up! I had it ordered anyway, so I guess I just would have been surprised when it showed up.
  14. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    Where do you see that?