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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Wolves-LP-Rise-Against/dp/B072NSJWMZ/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1495071330&sr=8-1 Amazon is up for 20 bucks. A bit cheaper, but looks like retail isn't coming until July 28th? SRC's preorder says the same. KRM still says June 9th, so I may pay the extra 5 bucks to have it around release day.
  2. Wait, we're supposed to LISTEN to this shit?
  3. Found a copy of Isbell at Amoeba, so looks like my quest is complete!
  4. Well, I got the AJJ release I wanted from 1234, but still looking for an Isbell for my buddy. Hope Amoeba has one in the morning, but it seems like that one went pretty quick everywhere.
  5. Well, shit. Placed an order with them, now I'm not sure if I should just order from somewhere else when a more reputable store puts theirs up and hope this one gets canceled.
  6. http://kingsroadmerch.com/rise-against/ New album out in June. New song "The Violence" is streaming wherever you stream stuff. I like it, but honestly I expected something a bit more from a Trump-era Rise Against. I won't judge the whole thing based on one song, though, looking forward to this one. I've never posted one of these pre-order threads before, so if I fucked it up, let me know. Nobody else had done it yet, though!
  7. Christ al-fucking-mighty. I love Blink enough to buy most everything (Dude Ranch and after, though I should probably pick up Cheshire Cat at some point, don't care to ever have Buddha), but I have more duplicates for this band than any other. Bought Hot Topic splatter of most of them (aside from Greatest Hits, and whatever was put out for Cheshire and Buddha), but What's My Age Again? on Enema was edited, so when the SRC deluxe came out, I grabbed that, then when the SRC deluxe Dude Ranch came out, I went ahead and got it because it's my favorite Blink record. Got California on Amazon, but then went to a show, got drunk and bought the "Tour Exclusive" record, which turned out to be leftover white, not the tour exclusive color, and now I'm going to buy California a third time. I've gotta sell some of this shit.
  8. One month bump. I've exhausted the options I've found, with Social Distortion's current instagram poster sale going on, and I also stumbled on the artist's website. Contacted him, and he checked his stock (as he had a few other leftover Social D tour posters he'd done for sale on his website), no luck. I've been checking ebay, but only two have been up, one for $400, and one for $200, neither of which I'm paying. Thought I'd bump this again on the off chance one of you guys has this sitting in their basement somewhere.
  9. Maybe this has been covered, but is anyone else having issues with quoting and posting? Like, if I hit the quote button on another user's comment, it automatically puts the quote in my reply. Great, this is fantastic and convenient. But now I decided I don't want to quote the other user, either because it's not necessary, or I accidentally clicked the wrong comment... How in the everloving fuck do I get rid of it? I've gotten frustrated, left the site, not posted for weeks, then I come back, try to post in the same thread and the conversation has moved on from what I was originally quoting, and the quote is STILL FUCKING THERE IN MY REPLY. I go try it on a different computer, and it's STILL FUCKING THERE because it's apparently tied to my username. How the hell do I get rid of this shit???
  10. I thought it was awful, but I was hoping it was just me. The edges were all jagged and paper was stuck everywhere, sound didn't really jump out at me, and the last track was really pitchy, seemed like it was an off-center pressing (my cart was moving noticeably side-to-side while playing this, I always have a little side-to-side movement, but this was a lot). I'm really disappointed in it because everything Andrew has pressed in the last few years has just sounded phenomenal (Something Corporate's "North" pressing that he released a couple years ago is still easily the best sounding record I own). Feels like he went cheap on this one, and it definitely shows. Let us know how it sounds after you have a chance to spin it. I'm curious if it sounds any better.
  11. I had seen the Instagram, but hadn't thought of trying to contact them about one that wasn't pictured. I'll email them now, thanks! Never heard of that site, so I'll keep an eye on it, thanks for your help!
  12. So this is a long shot, but figured I'd give it a try. I'm looking for the screen printed poster from Social Distortion's 2010 summer tour. Here's a pic of the one I'm looking for. I went to the show in Council Bluffs, and didn't hit up the merch table because my buddies were bitchy about standing in line, so I never got it. I'm getting around to getting some of my music posters framed and it's kinda bothering me that I don't have this one to put with the other two Social D posters I've got from other shows, so thought I'd take a shot here. If anyone has one laying around that they don't want, let me know. I'm offering $45 plus shipping. If that's not agreeable to you, but you do have it, let me know, maybe I'll be willing to go up (but honestly, it's been six and a half years since the show, and it's not like I'm an empty shell of a person due to not having this, so I'm not really sure how much higher I'd go). Thanks!
  13. Yeah, when I use that it gives me an estimated ship date of 2/24. I pre-ordered pretty soon after it went up. I did get the biggest bundle, though, so maybe something in there is holding it up? Lack of communication is irritating either way, considering their website still states a ship date of 1/27 or 2/3 for the bundle.
  14. Was hoping to be able to spin this, but looks like the stuff from his store hasn't shipped (anyone else order from his actual store and have it shipped?). This is why I really hate MerchNow, there are four different ship dates between the item listing and the confirmation email I've gotten (Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 24, and March 3), and zero communication as to when it's actually shipping. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this. I liked Resolutions, I thought Devour was great, and I definitely think this is his best work. Definitely hear the Social D that Skibum was talking about, which is probably why I like it so much.