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  1. Another variant for ya ... signed too.
  2. Opaque yellow and standard version both up at BM,045778753482,045778753413
  3. Pre-order arrived today from FJM official store. Packaging is top notch and looks like this was cut by Chris Bellman, should sound great. Bummed I didn't get the 7" with the pre-order though.
  4. Vote! Let's make it happen!
  5. Confirmed:
  6. Lightning Deal: Ween: Godweensatan - Live (2xLP) $18.51
  8. Anyone have the matix runout info for the remastered pressing of Robbin' the Hood (this 2016 verison)? Just trying to see if it matches up to this recent Hot Topic pressing. B0016317-01 LP01-A B0016317-01 LP01-B RE-1 B0016317-01 LP02-A B0016317-01 LP02-B RE-1
  9. I read the new Amnesiac 12" pressing is cut at 45rpm, but the Kid A is 33.
  10. Reddit user states it's pressed at 33rpm
  11. double posting pos
  12. vinyl10 or rack6 will get ya 10% off
  13. Anyone hitting up a storefront this weekend and wants to help a member out with a pickup, PM me!