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  1. So what's next? Just to give you a bit of inspiration I've sold turntables to a few of the guys at work recently and the upgrade bug has caught hard with two of them (the third bought the nicest table and doesn't really need to). Ones a Trio (Kenwood) KD-1033 and the guy has had the top plate painted metallic burgundy by the car body shop over the road and is re making the plinth in ash I think The other is remaking the Revolver Rebel I sold him. That's getting a new top plate made out of thick black acrylic and he's making a plinth out of maple for it, when They're finally done I'll post some pictures. They both gave me a bit of inspiration to do a bit more to the direct drive suspended sub-chassis deck I made so I'm making a big thick acrylic platter for that. Keep us posted with updates.
  2. Yep these things will keep coming in the post for months I reckon That dilemma lasted roughly 3 to 4 seconds for me.
  3. That page is just going to run and run and run over the next few months
  4. @RollTide A couple of questions Do you have any other audio equipment i.e amplifier, speakers CD player etc? and if so what sort of quality is it? Are you just looking at new or are you happy to look at used equipment? Is space still an issue? Speaker size is a consideration but its more down to the size of room you want to fill with sound and how far from the speakers you are going to be. And lastly where in the UK are you? With your budget you have a couple of options: Find a decent proper HiFi shop and go and see what you like the sound of that fits into your budget, you could go to Richers or Sevenoaks hifi but their range is more aimed at AV and the lower to mid end of Hifi, that siad both are very good places to start Or go used but make sure you do your research, used will give you far more value for money but getting to listen to equipment will be harder unless you have a good 2nd hand Hifi dealer you can go to and the risks of being sold a pup from somewhere like ebay or gumtree are obviously much higher. If you are in the south of the UK then message me as I can probably point you in the right direction if I don't have the sort of kit you are looking for.
  5. For the UK https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/the-wombats-beautiful-people
  6. I got my shipping notification from Beggars UK yesterday so with any luck it will be waiting for me when I get home from work.
  7. Thats a bad ground, when you touch the arm you ground it so that's used as a test to diagnose if the problem is in the turntable or the amp. Either your existing ground is bad somewhere between the headshell and the amp, check and tighten any grounds before you go any further
  8. These things are not made to be taken apart or repaired unfortunately, if you could find someone willing to look at it chances are replacing it with something better would be a much cheaper option.
  9. In the spirit of finding old stuff I picked this Yamaha TC-1000 up at a bootfair last week for £5. I know it's only a two head but it's sounds superb, is immaculate and I think I've only ever seen two for sale before and this is the first one I've seen in the flesh
  10. @yanquiuxo Nice Marantz, you need the turntable and tape deck to go with it now and that era of Marantz always do sound nice, the balance control should be replaceable with a bit of searching but the knob for it might be hard to find.
  11. Orbit Basic vs. Plus

    Yep that and acrylic platter, I can't see any valid reason for not buying the plus if you can afford it so stop mucking about and buy the thing. Aso avoid admitting to owning a Crosley at any time, "I started out with a vintage table that crapped out on me" always sounds much better.
  12. You could try a mains conditioner but it's grounding somewhere, I expect you've tried all the obvious but you could try running an extra ground between the pyle and your pc case, pc power supplies can be noisy but it's most lielely going to be a case of trial and error to see what causes it and if you can remove it. Unplug the table from the pyle and see if it still does it, if so buy a better phono stage, if not the arms internal wiring is a possibility but it could be anywhere in that chain. You could also try switching of the breaker for your lighting circuit off if it's a separate circuit from the power to see if it is the dimmer or fan that are causing it Other than that
  13. @ADZG That's a perfectly good starting point equipment wise and if I were being totally critical I would say the turntable is the weakest link in the chain but still more than good enough to start with. If you do buy that set of kit make sure you get the dealer to turn off the phono stage inside the Audio Technica as the one inside the Yamaha will be better. Vinyl storage wise you are pretty much correct and I wouldn't worry too much about the heat, direct sunlight is much more of a problem. I like many others use the Kallax from Ikea which was the successor to the Expedit, the squares are roughly 13" so ideal for vinyl
  14. Ordered thanks, I was looking for something else to order from UO to make the shipping to the UK less wallet busting.