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  1. I ditched the wife about 12 years ago I'm living in sin with this one
  2. No pretty much the Technics is the only one I can think of but as I say the one I'm thinking of is fixed for tracking force etc. Which is fine if you're not going to experiment with cartridges.
  3. Only the other day my wife was asking me what else do you want to do when we are in New York? And as luck would have it I saw your post yesterday, so I've just got to say she's really really pleased you are opening on the only weekend we are going to be in New York in the only 2 weeks we are going to be in the US this year, if I'm limping at all or maybe wincing from where the bruises don't show when I come in on opening day you'll know why.
  4. Cool, I've booked my marital "what the bloody hell have you bought now?" get out of jail free card so I will be in at some point on opening day.
  5. I'm over from the UK that weekend so I'll try and get in to have a look (wife and family allowing), so do I get a prize for distance traveled and icy stare braving?
  6. The trouble with posting brand names is that all the bigger ones will probably have produced utter rubbish that would be an insult to fire wood all the way up to absolutely stunning and all points in between, plus if they've been around a while they will have had a golden period and some not so golden periods. e.g. Sansui from the early 70's to around 79/80 is generally a safe bet but from the early 80's on things really trailed off to utter crap. As general rules look at what's been used in the construction, if they weigh a lot and money has been spent on the cabinets then that's probably a good sign but that isn't always true e.g. I doubt you'll see many pairs in the US but a pair of Kef Coda 7's are pretty light, have pretty average cabinets and generally can be had for a very low price but will destroy a lot of very expensive speakers with ease. Google is your friend so research a lot. Those Rectilinear's are very nice speakers if in good condition but may be a bit too much speaker for your Sony to drive properly so you might want to aim a little lower down the food chain for now. As to price they are not something we saw over here in the UK so I can't help on value but someone else might be able to. If you do buy them though you'll be upgrading everything else up to meet them sooner or later and check the foam around the drivers
  7. If you do go to Splitalfields there's a record fair on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month which is always worth a look. Also don't forget Camden Market, sadly there has been a bad fire there recently but I know the main record shop survived although it is right on the edge of the fire affected area but I'm told should be re opening soon and there are other stalls selling records around the market. There is a shop on the way up to Camden lock from the tube which is Out on the floor records in Inverness street and there's also All ages records in Pratt street which is a punk and hardcore place. There's a few popping up in Hackney as well, have been going in to Cosmos records recently on Hackney Road when I'm in that part of London and I know there's a couple more around there. As @whoa said it's all very hip and trendy around that part of London but that does mean there's new interesting little shops popping up all over the place.
  8. If you don't want to spend too much money go used. First I would junk the Bose speakers for something better, look round for a better turntable 2nd and keep the Sony for now and maybe look for something better there last. Look around for some used HiFi speakers in places like yard sales, charity and junk shops or ebay or craigslist locally but ideally the charity and junk shops so you can take them back if they're faulty, you may also find a better used turntable that way as well. The AT60 divides opinion in that in reality the arm is no better than those used on a Crosley but in general it is better made and everyone has to start somewhere so it will do a perfectly good job for you until something better comes along at the right price, the Sony amp if it's working ok again isn't great but will do a perfectly good job and you may find if you switch the phono amp out on the AT and use the phono in on the Sony it will work better than using the phono amp on the AT. I expect this is also where you've gone wrong so if you've plugged the AT into the phono in's on the Sony try turning of the phono amp in the AT or try plugging into one of the other inputs on the Sony. And lastly jettison the Bose as soon as possible.
  9. This is up on Pledge Music as well and looks slightly cheaper than I've seen it elsewhere
  10. My local should be getting this so I'll ask him what it should be but my guess is more like £22.99, Rough trade now have it at £28.99
  11. This one is weird In the UK it's still cheaper for me to order the box set from Warner US than to order the indie exclusive or from the Warner UK store. From Warner US the box set works out at £38.75 shipped to the UK, from Warner UK it works out at £58.99 and the indie exclusive from Plaidroom Records works out £39.51 shipped to the UK. Customs won't be stiffing me for £20 that should be about £12 so I'm sticking with my Warner US order and the UK clear for now. And yes I'm double dipping on this one because as @lethalenforcer said it is the War on drugs.
  12. I think there's a lot of these as well as the cart let me add 10,000, either that or they're pressing as many as they get orders for so it shouldn't be hard to get one
  13. I'ts very rare (never before at full price) I cave and buy one of these overpriced box set re issue things but for this one I might just have to make an exception.
  14. Provided your now powering from 120V rather than 240V if your comfortable doing so and qualified it looks like your going to have to get busy with a volt meter to see where the problem lies. remember 120V will still give you a nasty tickle. If you can read 120V on the primary and nothing on the secondary then the transformer is your first and hopefully only casualty. The Neon may well still work as it's on the primary side of the transformer and a lot more robust but that doesn't mean the transformer is any good still, The circuit doesn't say what the secondary voltage is but looking at the values that are given I would say between 36V and 40 V, so if it is gone you are looking for a transformer with a 240V primary and a 36-40V secondary that will fit in there which shouldn't be that difficult to find. The VA rating won't be very high as it's not exactly powering anything substantial.