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  1. There are so many unsaid jokes about flipping it over there I really don't know where to start.
  2. I searched to see if anyone had posted this and couldn't see it but apologies if it's old news. It's probably only of interest for those of us in the UK but I was in HMV Oxford street earlier and they had quite a selection of vinyl for £9.99 and some for £12.99. Not sure if it was that store only or all the HMV's that carry vinyl are doing it but I bought all sorts of things, everything from Eminem and Hollywood Undead to the Beatles and Annie Lennox with a bit of Soul, Funk and Prog thrown in
  3. Stanton T.62 stylus

    There are copy stylus available for the Stanton 500 and these really cheap ones are fine for listening but I wouldn't trust them for any DJ related use, it's probably the quickest and easiest option for you though. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stanton-Replacement-Stylus-6-29-for-500-505-Others-FREE-POST-Brand-New-6-29-/272810774702?epid=1342013396&hash=item3f84ca10ae:g:3agAAOSwAPVZMXtc You could easily change the cartridge and there is a huge choice out there but if your asking the question I'm guessing it's something you haven't done before so do some research and make sure you are comfortable working with small fiddly and fragile things before you start plus make sure you understand what is needed to set your table up for a different cartridge, tracking force, anti skate etc. Also with your table as it has a straight arm with a straight headshell table I wouldn't get anything that doesn't have a conical stylus tip because getting anything other than a conical stylus to track properly will be fun. Pretty much all carts designed for DJ use have a conical stylus.
  4. I caved, went into my local shop this morning, he had them there and one sort of left with me
  5. Same here, shipping confirmation a day or so ago and then the wait for it to cross the Atlantic. The question is can I stop myself buying a regular copy before my black on black shows up?
  6. Mine arrived today and I'm listening to it now. Very pleased, nice package and a nice pressing.
  7. Is dead format.........dead?

    yep I can agree with that, it took a some reading of the help files to work some of it out when I first started uploading my collection, no there really isn't a lot of help from people and you can get the anal types nit picking when you do make a mistake but I think the end result is worth the work when you get the hang of it
  8. In my AV setup I've got one of your amps bigger brothers but my front speakers basically negate the need for a sub for audio and I run mine in proper 2ch only mode so L and R front speakers only and nothing else when I do put a record on through it. There is a sub in the system which does run when needed in all the AV modes but for audio use it does nothing and I have a mode that is just 2ch without the sub. The front speakers and the amplifier were selected with 2ch audio in mind with my logic being unless its Mono the music was encoded in Stereo and I want to remove as many of my amps electronic processing functions for listening to audio as possible which means all the other channels and all their processing serve only as a hindrance. So while it will never be proper 2ch HiFi it does do a pretty good job especially with Yamaha being a HiFi manufacturer 1st and an AV manufacturer 2nd. With others I've tried it doesn't make much of a difference when trying to use them for audio or AV but people like Rotel, Yamaha and to a slightly lesser extent Pioneer seem to do a much better job of making an amp that works for AV and is usable for HiFi.
  9. They are both very different takes on the same thing. I've heard the Rega but not the Rogue and great as the Rega is I would expect the Rogue to have the edge in that system but don't take that as a recommendation its just an educated guess. As @Tardcore says your dealer should be able to demo them for you and at that level ideally let you take them home and try them in your system but yes please let us know how you get on as I'd be interested to know as well
  10. Is dead format.........dead?

    Yes I add them to the database and I also do for variants that I find, I know some of the people on there can be more than a little pedantic about the rules but if you don't add them they won't be on there. And better to add them badly rather than not at all. Test pressings and white labels can be a problem because they are not always the same thing with white labels often being promo's rather then test pressings so there can be a lot of discussion about that.
  11. Is dead format.........dead?

    That's exactly what I did and mine was at quite a few more than that when I first started putting them on, it took a long time but as you say I did it whilst listening to music and it was a good way of working through things I hadn't listened to in a while. Also you get quicker at it as you go.
  12. Is dead format.........dead?

    Same here, I also sort with a folder for linked artists so I will have a folder for the major band and then all side projects and solo things can be grouped under the same folder. Just click on the headers and it will sort it in whichever column you've clicked on and the direction of sort you choose. Also yes it should be the exact variant if the user has catalogued their collection properly.
  13. Is dead format.........dead?

    The same, I tried DF a long time ago and probably because I'd already uploaded my collection to discogs and was used to it and so found DF to be difficult to use. My collection when I loaded it all onto Discogs was somewhere around 6500 Albums, it's somewhere around 8800 now and I have absolutely no problem browsing through it, in fact I used the app today on my phone to stop me buying something I already had which was no problem to find at all. The other thing with Discogs is that I can download a csv file of my collection, wantlist, tradelist etc. etc and use them in a spreadsheet how ever I want. I know you can bulk upload things for sale so you might be able to do the same with a csv file of your collection from google docs if the columns are ordered correctly. Much like mobile phones or a lot of computer software I think its probably a case of whatever you used first is going to be what you are used to and anything else is just wrong.
  14. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    """"Long winded waffle warning, if you can't be arsed to read please skip past""""" Each to their own and new doesn't always mean good nor does old but good engineering will always be good engineering regardless of it's age. What has happened is that manufacturing consistency for the middle ground has improved so it's cheaper for manufacturers to make good margins in this part of the market, but for a lot of equipment and especially turntables the majority of the tables bought today are very closely based on those designed and built in the 70's. The good thing is that if you are in the market for usable low to mid end HiFi today then there is a lot of good stuff about but it's still very easy to beat that same equipment with well maintained kit from a long time ago for the same or less money if you do your research. I fully understand why some prefer to take new over old and can see why if you have had bad experiences with vintage, are not happy to take the risk with something that's been around for 40 years plus still working as it should, are happy to pay the premium for new, just like new over old or take in what the advertising and paid for reviews tell you, that's fine but don't discount something just because it's not new. In that respect I'm lucky that I have a wide engineering background and am happy to restore things which also gives me an appreciation into the engineering that goes in to all HiFi old and new. It can of course just be personal preference, I say it a lot but at the upper end of the market it stops being about better or worse and more about different, it just depends which different you prefer. Getting a good sound isn't primarily about how much money you spend or having to have the newest thing out there, it's about getting the basics right and making sure all the bits you have work well with each other. Like I say the only consistent really big improvement in hifi over the last 40 years has been in speakers which is mostly because really good speakers were very hard to get 40 years ago """Long winded waffle over please return to your earlier conversation""""
  15. Need help with my turntable

    It might not be the case with yours but a common speed control problem with a lot of DJ derived turntables is that the speed control slider fails which then gives very inconsistent speed control. I'ts certainly a very common problem with the SL1200 and I've repaired quite a few in that way over the years quite an easy repair but the QFO LE looks quite a different beast to work on.
  16. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    Sadly it hasn't, good has just got a little easier to get as has utter shit unfortunately
  17. The new SP10, the table the new SL1200 should have been. An SP10 new was £400 when a Linn LP12 was £86, admittedly an LP12's price has inflated itself with a lot of hype and bullshit since but it should give you some idea of the cost of an original SP10 back in the 70's If the same inflation is applied as was with the new SL1200 it could be 5 figures for a new SP10 but as an SP10 never had the hype, bullshit and marketability following it that the SL1200 had then I hope not. Either way I want one and I should have kept at least one of the SP's that have been through my hands over the years.
  18. The single I've heard doesn't really sound like her Solo stuff, If I didn't know it was her I wouldn't have guessed if I'd just heard the single without being told who it was.
  19. Rough trade UK has the white as an indie exclusive and the clear as their own exclusive.
  20. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    You can if you take a short snapshot in time but in reality you need to add the caveat that they have all also produced or still produce utter crap. If you are talking vintage then Marantz produced some very good tables in the 70's that were easily the equal of the intended competition but they also produced some not so great ones and the same is true of every other component they manufactured. Speakers from back then, well very few people managed really good speakers back then although there will always be the gems in most manufacturers output they are just harder to find and because they were so difficult to produce consistently well, so one pair of the same speaker could be very different from another. Speakers are one of the few things that have consistently improved in hifi terms over the years. The problem is all these companies have been going a long time so personnel, ownership and markets change which very much has an effect on what they produce. All the big brand consumer electronics companies all produced some great gear in the 70's because HiFi was fashionable and there was a lot of money in it for them but as the money ran out this diluted down to ranges of quite a lot of complete crap in the late 80's / early 90's which some but sadly not all have steadily moved back upwards from since but as far as the big names go we are nowhere near the zenith of the mid to late 70's and there's a lot of once great names selling utter shit on the back of that once well respected name. sadly in the 80's all these companies aimed at wider and wider parts of the market in an effort to stop the decline which meant they produced crap at the bottom and took away from the R&D at the top.
  21. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    Age tends to equate to experience but probably yes.
  22. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    A little harsh on Technics as they've produced at least 3 or 4 others that are worthy of admiration but yep pretty much spot on. To say one brand produces great this or that is very wrong because without exception every big name manufacturer (and especially the far eastern ones just because of their prodigious output and life span) has produced complete and utter rubbish and absolute gems at some time in their lives. Even the likes of Thorens and Linn are not immune to this. Thorens went through a long bad patch toward the very end of the TD160/166 where their later products were more than a little plastic and didn't really deserve a Thorens badge and Linn isn't a great example as they couldn't even manage to produce their own design of turntable until the Basik, the LP12 when originally sold was an Ariston RD11 with a Linn badge on it and has evolved from that with an ever unrealistic price tag ever since. Linn has also built some pretty woeful speakers and a lot of the electronics (amplification and CD players etc.) are average at their price point at best I'm not a fan of Marantz turntables over any other but the current Clearaudio unit with a Marantz badge on it is pretty stunning for the money and a good few of the proper vintage output (before the wasteland of the B.P.C. years) are easily the equal of the direct competition at the time. The only brands that haven't let at least one turkey out into the wild are those small obscure companies that don't just inhabit the very high end either made something great and didn't last long or made a few great products and didn't deviate from those.
  23. Just picked up my UK indie exclusive and the sticker says coke bottle clear but the records are plain clear.