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  1. FS: most of my collection

    nooooo & we couldve prob done a meet up instead of shipping it bc im in nj too
  2. Site running slow lately

    this place is slow as shit
  3. FS: most of my collection

    Back in 2015 I bought a really nice VPI 16.5 from user ajxd with intentions of including it in my set up, but I've had a long list of financial burdens since then (including the reason why I'm now selling it) so I was never able to actually set it up and use it. It's been in (cool, dry, safe) storage at my parents house since I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apt with barely enough room for myself, my bf & my cat lol. With that said, I'm looking to sell it for as close to what I purchased it for as possible which was $385ppd including insurance. I purchased this for a really great price and I want to pass that on to whoever may want this. It comes with everything you'd need, which is what I received from ajxd. If interested I can fwd the message chain between the two of us where he gives me his step-by-step method for cleaning records (he's a scientist for those who don't know). I don't get to post on here often anymore, so feel free to tweet to me (@/) if I don't reply to your DM within a couple hours of sending as I'd like to sell this ASAP. VPI SOLD I'm also selling most of my collection via discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/futurekills/profile?sort=artist%2Casc I didn't input any of the prices, I just let the site suggest what it thinks the going rate is. Feel free to DM/comment with offers, but don't lowball please. Thanks.
  4. pre-ordered from their store this morning. i wonder why their store says it'll ship 7/13 but bullmoose says the vinyl won't be available until 8/11. i like ordering from their store since they always ship early. curious as to why they noted the vinyl as "standard" as well. i saw them this past saturday at ommegang brewery in upstate new york and it was awesome. got to camp over night on the property, too.
  5. I can sell you mine.
  6. Thank you! Missed out on the autographed stuff this time around =\
  7. FS: Most of my collection

  8. hi its been a while, friends. hope everyone is doing well. i have a favor to ask- if anyone is going to see incubus/jew this summer and happens to have that tour ep that jew just released could someone pls help me out? i can't afford to go to the tour this year bc bills and news of this ep is just making things worse lol. thanks <3
  9. FS: Most of my collection

    All messages replied to so far.
  10. FS: Most of my collection

    Yall "Please send offers" =/= "ask me how much". I'm working thru everyones messages. Thanks.