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  1. "Car got towed" Record Sale

    Please help me out people, A couple records already pending. Send me some offers
  2. So this past weekend my car was towed because I was told the parking laws weren't enforced on weekends in my girlfriends neighborhood. Sure enough my car was towed the next day and I have to use rent money to get it because I need my car for work. So I'd appreciate people buying some records/tapes to help soften the blow to my funds. https://deadformat.net/collection/KJL95 https://deadformat.net/collection/KJL95
  3. Ordered the euro version. $25 shipped is a nice price for ordering overseas. Might buy the deluxe later too because why not
  4. bump. sold some more stuff. now you buy more stuff
  5. I got my package earlier today. I ended up with one of the blue live tapes. As far as the Spotify tape, it seems like a sampler of different BWM bands with random ads in between the songs
  6. PO: Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate

    I'm finally getting around to this album. If I can get a tour copy from someone I'd fall in love again
  7. Bump. Sold some stuff. Tradelist is updated
  8. I've been blasting No Problem all day! This mixtape is so damn good.