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  1. PO: Trivium - Shogun

    Thanks for this, bought with haste. Hopefully since Music on Vinyl skipped Ascendancy, this means Trivium will be handling it themselves soon? Hopefully....
  2. I emailed Sumerian about this and this was their response: “The yellow vinyl were indeed limited to 500 and were only available on our store! Luckily you snagged one before they sold out yesterday! I hope this helps and if you need further assistance please let me know!”
  3. The UK stores says only /250 of the yellow available, so is it only out of 750?
  4. Stoked for this, but Sumerian over Metal Blade is a weird choice. They seem to be terrible with their vinyl releases. Long waits and no reasonable shipping options. Oh well, I’ll still pick this up more than likely.
  5. Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Powerslave, Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son are my top 3
  6. PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    Well, I missed out on all of these. Really want a cool color pressing of the sound of perserverance
  7. Thanks for this, already ordered Unearth when it was 20% off but I went ahead and ordered a copy of the new Harm’s Way as well
  8. I can see that, plus sometimes I think it’s unfair of me to ruin the other band members art based on one guys actions.
  9. There is actually more than 3 variants of this: http://www.metalblade.com/us/news/unearth-the-oncoming-storm-lp-re-issue-now-available/ I ordered the root beer marble on Black Friday during the sale, I figured it would look cool with the artwork.
  10. Same here, used to really like this band when I was first getting into metal, but that incident ruined it for me
  11. PO: HARMS WAY - Posthuman

    Still nothing on eBay, if it’s not up in a day or so I might just order the /200 on indie merch
  12. PO: HARMS WAY - Posthuman

    Metal blade usually posts the limited euro versions on their eBay page, but I don’t see anything yet. Hopefully soon because I want one of the splatters lol
  13. Thanks for the heads up! Grabbed a copy of Dead Roots Stirring on splatter. I wish I knew the pressing amounts (to my knowledge they never even got released for Reflections) so I could order the most limited haha. But even though the colors don’t really match the album, I can never resist splatter vinyl haha