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  1. The UO on Ponce has a decent selection/amount of vinyl, but do not generally see too much on sale. I try to go Wednesdays before trivia night at The Local. I might have to venture out into Buckhead Betty territory then.
  2. Corey Feldman - Go 4 It (feat Snoop Dogg) b/w Everybody - 7" QTY: 1000 Seriously? We might be at the end of the road. Will grab The War on Drugs and Marcy Playground though.
  3. I will take a look later, but yeah, hope everything gets better for you.
  4. Will there be any while he is touring? I got tickets to see him in March, maybe some will be at his shows?
  5. It is almost $80 shipped. I really, really want this, but I am not paying that much. Why there isn't a cheaper shipping option to make it $45-$50?
  6. True. I got the oxblood because all my other City & Colour albums are colored and wanted to keep the vibe. I might sell the black later and find a colored copy.
  7. I ordered the Euro Oxblood and they ended up sending me black. They just refunded my money and said keep the vinyl. Not thrilled it is black, but hey, got a free record I guess!
  8. MOV did a release of Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip several months ago. I decided to give it a listen the other day and it sounded excellent, so I am on board with MOV. I will probably get the black version of this Mudvayne Vinyl.
  9. Just stumbled on this at MoV, Mudvane L.D. 50 on Blue Vinyl releasing on 2/10/17 in Europe. I found the pre-order link, but it is saying black vinyl:
  10. I have wanted this on vinyl for years. I am almost always conservative about my purchases and get the ones I want lower later on. I just have a feeling that with the small amount printed and the amount of time between, this will not get any cheaper later, so I jumped on it. But yeah, 1xLP eh? I wonder how it is going to sound with 50 mins of music...interesting.
  11. Hopefully the Southeast gets a stop somewhere as well....preferably Atlanta.
  12. Gin Blossoms...nice! I grew up with this 90's Rock and Alternative music and they were very good live. I personally am excited for this. Just add in a repress or reissue of Hootie and the Blowfish "Cracked Rear View" and we are golden!
  13. You know, I am wondering this too since I pre-ordered it. I kind of forgot about it. A month late is a bit suspicious.