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  1. Just got a notice, new Com Truise song Isostasy from upcoming album. I am digging this even more than the first.
  2. Excellent album. As a bonus, he is putting Journey on side D!? Sweet! That was one of the first synthwave songs I ever heard.
  3. 45 Canadian including Shipping? Like 33 USD then. If so, I will take a Marcy Playground, PM me for paypal or whatever you need.
  4. 45 Canadian including Shipping? Like 33 USD then. If so, I will take a Marcy Playground, PM me for paypal or whatever you need.
  5. Any sign of normal cost Marcy Playground? I doubt it by now. I guess that is what I get when I have other important things to do on the weekend! Freakin' Catalina Wine Mixer Record Store Day.
  6. I will take it if available!


    Ron Sholtis

    3111 Pagoda  Trce

    Lawrenceville, GA 30043


    Let me know cost and shipping and I can Paypal it or something. Thanks!

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    2. ajhall04


      Sure, I'll shoot him a text. 

    3. ajhall04


      Damn man! He sold the last one today. I am so sorry! I'll keep my eye out! 

    4. rsholtis


      No worries, appreciate the help though!

  7. I logged in, waited and refreshed 10 minutes before up at Bull Moose and could not get one. So if anyone has an extra or can get a copy of Marcy's Playgound LP, let me know please and we can work out the details. Thanks.
  8. Ah, ok. Thanks for the info. I will give that a shot then first!
  9. Did not get a chance to go for the Marcy Playground LP. If anyone has a copy or lives near a Bull Moose store, let me know. According to the website, they have some in stock at most of the stores.
  10. THIS. Only one I do not have. Wayyyyyyy to expensive on Discogs when I see it.
  11. The Pre-order song "Memory" from Com Truise is great! Sounds like Galactic Melt. Back towards the roots!
  12. The music is only part of the story. As a Graphic Designer, the artwork is the other part of the story for me. Sure, CD's generally have some booklet with the art, but it is quite small. For 20 or 30 bucks, you are not only buying the music and usually the MP3 dowload code, but the beautiful artwork the accompanies the record, specifically gatefolds. Some of that artwork is incredible and is often used to help give you a "visual cue" or theme of the music you are listening to; it tells a story. It truly can enhance the experience. Sometimes even the artwork on a CD is not the same as the vinyl version. Try listening to a good album and look at the artwork. You may be surprised at the results. Sure, some records/bands do not utilize this concept as much as others, especially single LP's with no gatefolds, but the sleeves can talk as well to make up for it.
  13. The UO on Ponce has a decent selection/amount of vinyl, but do not generally see too much on sale. I try to go Wednesdays before trivia night at The Local. I might have to venture out into Buckhead Betty territory then.