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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    You are right, it's NOT ok, but it happened and keeps happening, we can't act like this totally came out of the blue. If we start trashing Brand New (or old...) records because of it, we should be coherent and investigate our idols past to see what vinyl we can keep on the shelves.
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I agree ,that's why I'm not judging: I simply can't because like you wrote I've never been in a similar situation: none of us knows exactly what happened and how. What Lacey did IS WRONG and I want it to be clear. Nonetheless, I don't think we can consider the girls involved such as children who are offered a candy outside the school. Besides, let's also try to see the story from Lacey perspective: a young adult in his 20s you suddenly became famous and had hundreds of girls ready to do anything for him..He was young and stupid and probably didn't even realized he could have hurt someone.
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I didn’t want to write this post, but all the “trashing-records-canceling-orders because hey i’m not a pedophile” thing is becoming ridiculous and it made me want to express my opinion, as well as try to understand some points of view. Given that Jesse Lacey revealed himself to be a total asshole beyond any reasonable doubt, I wanna discuss the role of the “victims”. What I get reading this thread is that a 15-16 year old human being is considered adult enough to drive a car and be responsible for other people’s life, BUT not enough to judge whether or not sending naked pictures to a stranger over internet just because he sings in your favourite band is a proper thing to do. One of the victims according to the Pitchfork article claims this kind of “sick” relationship went on until she was 22-23...still unable to judge? And why these “abuses” have been kept buried for 15 years? This sex scandal thing (WAIT: you are really telling me that there are people who use their power to obtain easy sex?? Common I don’t believe you! And what about women/men who use sex to make a career? NO! they don’t exist,they are all victims) has made it difficult to tell whether a woman/man is a real victim (and I’m sure most of them are) or it’s just jumping on the victims’ train to gain some attention:"Jesse told me I was the only one and he lied, now I can make him pay!” “Kevin Spacey touched my dick 30 years ago, the creepy old bastard!” For sure being a “rockstar” and using your influence in such ways is not nice, but it has always been common knowledge in rock’n’roll music so why all of a sudden, something that was known and tolerated for ages has become a crime worth of death sentence? There’s a big difference (and we cannot just ignore it) between real abuses and taking advantage of late teenage fans (I’m not saying is ok, mind!..and it’s not even legal but neither are drugs and I have no knowledge of people trashing lou reed’s records). Before letting the “go fuck/kill yourself” party begin, let me know if some points are unclear due to my poor english. Just note that I’m not judging anyone because this situation is really quite unclear to me, so most of the things I’ve expressed in my post are doubts rather than statements.
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Weird like these days everyone seems to be either a sexual assault survivor or a sexual predator. This situation sucks, but this morning I listened to Science Fiction to see if it's still one of the best albums of the year. It is.
  5. Ordered, 44 $ shipped though
  6. PO: Lorde - Pure Heroine

    melodrama will surely make it into my top 5 this year, maybe top 3. incredibly good album
  7. did anyone listen to ehm..listener new singles? they are probably among the best things they have done: The new album "being empty, being filled" is scheduled for 2018, but there's a series of 7" available now: http://store.iamlistener.com/#_=_
  8. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    The whole album is really stripped down, not just compared to his previous work... judging from one random song is quite pointless. Unless you confuse "not over produced" with "lo-fi". Then you are right, it's totally not "lo-fi" By the way, after several listens I can say this could very well be his finest collection of songs since Machina.
  9. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    That streaming is not available in Italy, but from what I've heard live things might be interesting.
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Rumour has it that the deluxe only comes with a 400$ coupon you can use on Ebay for the CD-ROM
  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I'm been sleeping by the mailbox for weeks now, I guess it's time to give up. No cd.
  12. I'm liking this new album, probably the guitar parts are less interesting and layered but the songwriting is quite strong I think.