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  1. FYI 80+ 7" perfectly fit in Ikea KNAGGLIG
  2. Fossil Fuel really introduced me to them, then Black Sea and so on.... still need to find a copy of Apple Venus... At a decent price
  3. Thanks i still haven t received my copy from ITR...
  4. Standard black only 8€79 on Amazon French site (around £13 on the uk one)
  5. To those who already got theirs : Your impressions... Better than first one ? Different ?
  6. as a french buyer i must say That i totally agree about the post office sucking... Not too long ago (This monday) they lost a record i order from Amazon France 2 days ago and still pretends it has been delivered....But unfotunately fedex and ups are no better. Dhl is the only one i never had issues with. usps custom tracking is 3 times out of 4 available in France...
  7. oh sees was sold out when i tried to check out on euro site...
  8. i ve sent them several emails for the past 3 weeks and i m still waiting for an answer. They typically reply fast so i guess they are very busy....
  9. Preordered nola yesterday at a record store. Should get it very soon at last !
  10. +1 on Midheaven. Whenever I asked 'em about getting particular stuff (many ITR colored), they were very very helpful and answered precisely within the hour. My fav distro so far
  11. Got a spare yellow Trad fools to trade for a red one.
  12. From the band at a show. Maybe i should change my nickname for that brag Guy shit don t you think ?
  13. Cool An european tour would be great too
  14. Sorry not my intention.. i thought the first ep only available on their site at the time would be the only hard to fins record from them Missed the 12" too
  15. Really ? So my heavyweight vinyl signed (+ some drawings) by the singer and the guitar player might get me some cash ! Or not...
  16. Shipping fees are exploding my vinyl budget. 5 years ago i would spent 100 € a month and get almost 10 to 15 records... nowadays it s more 5 ... I tried to count how much i d spend each month to reduce my budget but thanks to labels and discogs i couldn t...
  17. Reminds me of the time i went to a Pennywise show to find out the singer had changed...
  18. Heading to Dublin in a few weeks Any shops you'll recommend ?
  19. I m not familiar to this replacements period Are the records just as good as the ones from the TT era ?
  20. MPO** on the runout etching of the lp