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  1. 15€ to ship a 2€ folded poster ????
  2. This band kicks ass saw em last year will definitely grab that lp but not from Drag City in order to be sure to have it on release day
  3. 4 listed on discogs right now
  4. Where are the girls???
  5. Anyone ordered from Rough Trade andJuno last Saturday? Waiting for my orders....
  6. Not local though...
  7. wait 24 quids for record and shipping from the States ? from omnian ?
  8. FYI 80+ 7" perfectly fit in Ikea KNAGGLIG
  9. Fossil Fuel really introduced me to them, then Black Sea and so on.... still need to find a copy of Apple Venus... At a decent price
  10. Thanks i still haven t received my copy from ITR...
  11. Standard black only 8€79 on Amazon French site (around £13 on the uk one)
  12. To those who already got theirs : Your impressions... Better than first one ? Different ?
  13. as a french buyer i must say That i totally agree about the post office sucking... Not too long ago (This monday) they lost a record i order from Amazon France 2 days ago and still pretends it has been delivered....But unfotunately fedex and ups are no better. Dhl is the only one i never had issues with. usps custom tracking is 3 times out of 4 available in France...
  14. oh sees was sold out when i tried to check out on euro site...
  15. i ve sent them several emails for the past 3 weeks and i m still waiting for an answer. They typically reply fast so i guess they are very busy....
  16. Preordered nola yesterday at a record store. Should get it very soon at last !
  17. +1 on Midheaven. Whenever I asked 'em about getting particular stuff (many ITR colored), they were very very helpful and answered precisely within the hour. My fav distro so far
  18. Got a spare yellow Trad fools to trade for a red one.
  19. From the band at a show. Maybe i should change my nickname for that brag Guy shit don t you think ?
  20. Cool An european tour would be great too