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  1. Strictly sound-wise, my first upgrade would be amplification. Vintage receivers are great starting points, but I'd say it's definitely the weak link in there. But in reality, I rarely go with the "smart choice" myself. Aesthetics and passion play way bigger roles for me than they should. If you want a new table because you really want a new table, why not.
  2. Not sure if this is new, but there's a preorder for a Mad Max Trilogy 3xLP up on amazon It's a hefty price, but the label releasing it only has this amazon link on their website.
  3. I don't follow these releases at all, but I just saw the pics on twitter and had to jump in here to see what the reaction is, because this has to be the laziest, most pointless """"""""box set"""""""" I've ever seen.
  4. There's never too much Le Matos vinyl.
  5. Appreciate it man. As for the stuff, Tonebox and Daniel Deluxe are on hold. In other synth news, Scandroid is getting a vinyl release: Up for PO at $29.99 here:
  6. Thanks man! I knew I forgot something. I put them up on discogs, hoping for that minus 10%:
  7. Hey guys, I've hit a rough patch and have a couple of things to let go, either color variants I don't need or impulse buys I shouldn't have picked up. Perturbator - Uncanny Valley 3xLP Box Set (clear vinyl /200) Meteor - Parallel Lives (black with splatter /100) Night Runner - Starfighter (black with pink splatter, lenticular cover /100) Gunship - S/T (picture disc, a couple of corner dings on the outer sleeve) Dan Terminus - The Wrath of Code (orange with splatter /200) Tonebox - Nocturn (black vinyl /200) SOLD Daniel Deluxe - Corruptor (purple vinyl /100) SOLD Dynatron - The Rigel Axiom (black/green swirl /200) SOLD V.A. - The Finish Line (black vinyl /200) SOLD Let me know if anyone's looking for any of these.
  8. Had to think twice about posting this because of the absurd price (the vinyl option is 100€), but it sounds nice. Hopefully it'll get a separate release
  9. I mean, I can get most titles for my region (B), but there are still a ton that are only region A locked. For example, everything Criterion. Just this year they will finally release Linklater's Before trilogy on BR, but Criterion got exclusive rights, so I can kiss that one goodbye. And since I prefer to buy steelbooks whenever possible, those are a bit tougher. Most NA Mondo releases were A locked, all Alliance releases in Canada are locked, Fox stuff is always locked. Then there are the asian retailers that go out of their way to create some really beautiful packages (the flimsy amaray is in my opinion an almost derogatory way to present an art form), half of them end up A locked. Not a problem for major titles with dozens of releases worldwide, but there are a ton of indie films that only get a NA release. Oh, and there's no way to buy a region free BR player here. I'd literally have to import one from US (yay for $100+ in shipping and tax alone), plus I'd have to figure out a way to make it work on 220V 50Hz. And it's similar for NA folks, Zavvi in UK gets a ton of world exclusive steelbook releases, half of which are B locked. I understand why region locks exist, but I still passionately hate them
  10. Very much not true on both counts. There are some studios that always do region free BRs, but the majority of BRs are region locked. Also, Xbone (as well as PS3 & 4) are only region free for games, but regionally locked for BRs.
  11. Everyone's favourite turntable manufacturer does:
  12. I just received mine today (in EU). They didn't send any shipping notification, so expect it to just show up. Packaging was top notch, and also I think this is the first time I've received a sealed LP with records outside of the actual cover.
  13. I caved and grabbed the Rey one, I just couldn't pass them up completely.
  14. I mean, he did these back in 2015. I got the Ray print at the imax screening.