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  1. PO: Kung Fury OST repress

    Damn, didn't know these things go for over $120. Good thing I sold my extra for $35 in 2015. Might pick up this one as well.
  2. Can we get "amazon" back in the title? There's also a non-amazon thread and it'd be easier to distinguish.
  3. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    He posted on fb that there are 1000 of each.
  4. So, since mr dealsonvinyl is back in here, can we just merge the two threads, or is there any benefit to having both?
  5. £10 off a £50 spend with code BIGTHANKS on Amazon UK. The 40% off sale is still on, I finally caved and grabbed the Star Wars box. (Ends up less than $70 shipped to US for anyone wondering)
  6. Is my stylus broken?

    It looks fine. If the tip wasn't on there you'd hear it, it likely wouldn't play any discernible music. Though rubbing it with your finger may very well leave some residue on it, which might not be cleanable with a brush, so avoid doing that in the future
  7. Also ordered on Aug. 7. Shot a few emails in the last month, never any response, no movement on my order, nothing. Class act.
  8. yeah, because two threads aren't enough
  9. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Drop me a PM with the address they gave you, maybe it's changed since I ordered (back in December)
  10. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I bought mine through a mail forwarding service: https://www.mailboxde.com/ Bought from the DE site and ordered to their address, then they shipped it to me. They charged 17,55€, which includes postage and their service fees. Shipping from the Gear store to them was 3,99€, so just over 21€ total. If the Gear store offered shipping to other countries, I doubt it would be less than 20€, so this was actually a pretty sweet deal. I checked for Spain and the shipping cost is the same.
  11. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    take that stuff to the compactdisccollective message board
  12. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    I don't like pops, but this one, I might make an exception for:
  13. Yeah, that's how economy works. Murricans...
  14. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Both honestly. I've been underwhelmed by some recent releases (non paradisi, automated refrains, even new pert to some extent) and realized $50 for a single LP is way too much for something I'm not sure I'll be excited about, especially when I can pick it up for less than half the price from amazon down the line.