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  1. So I guess you could say that... ...this warning is limited to one. I'll see myself out now.
  2. Agree. I had it in my cart when they went up, but decided to listen all the way through anyway. Immediately cleared my cart and never looked back.
  3. Transmission in UK has the splatter up as well:
  4. Morgan Willis - Sophie Teenage Dream went up on qrates today: Pressing of 100, already 3/4 gone. Full stream on bandcamp:
  5. Gorillaz - Gorillaz 2xLP - $11.32 prime
  6. Man, I knew that Hot Fuzz was coming for a while now, but I didn't even consider that there might be a SDCC exclusive. Oh well, you can't win em all.
  7. Oasis - Definitely Maybe (2xLP) - $16.89 (prime members only) Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (2xLP) - $11.98 prime
  8. FM-84 Page Liked · 11 mins · ⚡️Photos from the factory!!!! I’m so excited to announce that the vinyl edition of Atlas is almost here thanks to Electronic Purification Records. It’s currently being pressed and will be available to purchase mid July. Stay tuned to my Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates. PS. Tickets are selling fast for our live performance with The Midnight on July 14. Be sure to grab yours today before they’re all gone.