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  1. None. I just can’t read apparently
  2. This is going to sound like ass on a single LP
  3. PO: True Love - The Pact

    Emailed them a week ago about this and just heard back that these will be shipping next week. Woo
  4. PO: BURN THE PRIEST - Legion:XX

    True. Nothing against it, just sayin'.
  5. PO: BURN THE PRIEST - Legion:XX

    It's a covers album. There's nothing original.
  6. F’ing hell. I ordered as soon as this launched. Hopefully soon NM got it a bit ago woo
  7. Goin to take a wild guess and say no one received shipping confirmation yet from RR?
  8. My copy sounds exactly the same. It’s pretty bad on side A, but not as bad on the others. Apparently a few other people on other boards said the same thing.