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  1. Good to be back after a long hiatus.

  2. Bhr end of the year sale 75%

    Grabbed the Sparrows and Socratic bundle, can't wait for them to get here.
  3. That copy of Versus is tempting me currently...
  4. Don't Panic is easily my second favorite release of theirs. (PUoSU is still king)
  5. I'm the complete opposite, haha. I think Zombie is their best release and Dead Throne and 8:18 are fantastic. Never cared for the earlier material.
  6. PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

    As well, the whole album is up on Spotify now.
  7. PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

    Right here with you Drew. They're unabashedly my favorite band, so take my review with a grain of salt. But Max's venom is definitely back.
  8. PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

    Happy to be that person.
  9. PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

    The songs plays so much better as a full, cohesive album. The production is also much better when you are listening to the album and not the stream. The aggression from IDotG is back. I totally dig this album basically.
  10. This exactly. My favorite albums from the bands were released when they signed with epitaph.
  11. PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

    The new song has my attention. I have a feeling I'm gonna dig the shit out of this.
  12. What genres do you collect most?

    Pop Punk, Alternative, Post-Hardcore/Metalcore tend to be the favorites.
  13. So I've listened to this album a few times through. It's hit and miss in the sense that the musical elements have taken a step back, to a more traditional post hardcore sound. However the cleans are fantastic and worth the price of admission alone. I just feel the cleans are underutilized.