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  1. Yeah I was looking in the wrong place. Searching for the band just shows T-Shirts and didn't include vinyl. Thanks.
  2. Did Knuckle Puck - Copacetic | White w/ Double Mint Haze | 500 sell out already or was it not yet released?
  3. Any update on this? Looking forward to buying it.
  4. Count me in too if it's not too late.
  5. Anyone generally unimpressed with the quality? The physical record itself is fine, but it seems like it's really compressed and it's straight from the CD source.
  6. Does anyone else hear a thump every spin when the record is low starting on bad things? Really pissed off. I got the 700 quantity one, the one they fucked the pressing up with color.
  7. Do you have a link to the jackets?
  8. Great seller, highly recommend buying from this guy!
  9. I was unlucky and picked it up for $9.99. Should have waited
  10. Sound quality on sufferer seems pretty bad but whatever... Surprising for such a thick record.
  11. That's awesome dude. Would love ta get a rekkid
  12. Yeah, think that listen turned me into an actual Eagles fan.