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  1. Doing "hi fi" 12" lathes of Snow Roller's first album from 2016 "What's The Score?" on clear and black via my label Near Mint. Only making as many that are ordered. Little Elephant is cutting them and their quality is unbeatable compared to any others I've heard. Pre-Order Here: http://www.wearenearmint.com/products/616869-snow-roller-whats-the-score Stream: https://snowroller.bandcamp.com/album/whats-the-score ALSO - We pressed their second album last summer on proper vinyl and beautiful variants for those who are into their music
  2. PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    So you have a copy of the vinyl now? Anyone else getting copies or know of other places that might have them shipping or is this still a waiting game?
  3. Well if you saw the post above, someone got a copy early from a giveaway to VMP members and VMP advertised it before it went up (because it still hasn't) and we're looking at a picture of it.
  4. If you think you have this press and want to sell it, message me please It's one of the most recent colored presses
  5. I bought it off someone who has it in hand Edit: He definitely had it in hand and already shipped it, but it was because he won it in a give-away from VMP and got it early. So I assume it will be available to the public still.
  6. So apparently there is another /500 variant for Vinyl Me Please on half green/half pink. I was able to secure a copy after market for a fair price that must've been given to a subscriber since it's not on the website yet. However, on the VMP website there's a banner AD that says "Available 4/17 - click here to buy" but when you click it, it just takes you to their store, that doesn't have the product listed. So... not sure what this variant is or was. Anyway, here's a picture below. I think it looks pretty cool with the artwork/label the more I look at it
  7. Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    Dropped $200 for the first time on a record after trying to haggle to no avail. They bragged about the condition and the rarity etc etc - I moved some money around in order to purchase it based on the appeal of it's condition and assurance from the seller. Then I was refunded a few days later because they apparently sold the album a year ago. But there's more: He offered to send photos and never did. He bragged about how he would package it. And then -- He asked for $5 extra to ship it priority or else he was going to risk sending a $200 record via media mail. I can't help but wonder if my money was used on bills until his next pay check came through today because he made the point of mentioning he needed to pay bills while selling the record. And he was entirely ungrateful and didn't say thanks for the payment etc. Just a heads up for future trades with olopez6919 aka Oscar Lopez
  8. All prices include shipping to the US. Message about international. Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures 7" (Swamp Green /300) - $55 Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (2xLP Black, First Press) - $55 Dad Punchers - S/T (Opaque Green /1000) - $18 Hovvdy - Cranberry (Milky Clear, Indie Retail) - $20 Pope - True Talent Champion (Gold w/ Blue Splatter /8) - $34 Ryan Adams - Gold 2xLP - $17 Sorority Noise - Joy Departed (Beer w/ Blue Splatter) - $28
  9. WTB: Elvis Depressedly

    Not a cassette, but I have the holo pleasure 7" first press if you are interested in that perhaps.
  10. Paypal ready. Probably will pay a stupid amount. Someone sell me this.
  11. It's cool to see how well received this album is by basically everyone. AOTY material.