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  1. messaged
  2. I'll take the Habibi and NC Mixtape if that's cool!
  3. Take a look! Also, those look pretty awesome!
  4. Let me send you some Lincoln's!
  5. I'll shoot you a list when I get home, think I have a few.
  6. Let me pay you for this!
  7. Yeah, It went live fairly late as well. I would have paid up for sure. If you don't end up wanting yours, hit me up. Won't lowball you haha.
  8. Missed out on this due to some Dadlife. Hoping someone on the board grabbed an extra. If you did, I would love to trade or BUY this from you. Will pay up! Thanks!
  9. Awesome. Welcome to browse my list!
  10. I have a copy coming if needed.
  11. http://www.deadbrokerecords.com/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=BTMILS-7
  12. Always had positive experiences with No Idea over the years. I hope this isn't what it sounds like.
  13. Was signed in. It eventually worked.
  14. Yup, can't add FF to my cart. Definitely a member though.
  15. Yup, can't add FF to my cart. Definitely a member though.