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  1. Hit up the Charleston on Bedford. Five or six dollars nabs you a pizza, shot, and cheap beer! At least, they used to. Been several months since I've visited my brother. Edit: It's a personal pan pizza (cheese) but you can get additional topping. Great cheap snack and drink.
  2. Not crazy about the song either. Going to reserve judgement till I hear the album.
  3. Suggested retail on those is 31.98. These would be a great candidate for a wider release, standard black I'm hoping. Was stoked till I saw they were picture discs.
  4. Would also like a referral code if that's cool.
  5. Yup. Agreed.
  6. Here's hoping for a test! Ordered!
  7. Welp. I have most Black Numbers stuff but this is awfully tempting. Would love to snag an Arliss or Banquets test. One can dream!
  8. Held off listening to this. Glad I did, it sounds great. Really enjoying this one.
  9. Dead should be here today. I won't be home till late though.
  10. One left folks for anyone that missed the Ryan Adams http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heartbreaker-Four-LP-DVD-by-Ryan-Adams-Vinyl-May-2016-5-Discs-Universal-/401276677327?
  11. These were on my list as well....I waited far too long! Awesome records. Good luck!
  12. Yes. Definitely this: Various Artists - Music from the Motion Picture Kazaam (Genie shaped glow-in-the-dark picture disc commemorating Shaq's blockbuster movie. One time pressing signed and numbered copies out of 1000, each with a Shaquille O'Neal trading card and genie plastic charm).
  13. Damn....managed the Day of the Dead at least.