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  1. Awesome. Welcome to browse my list!
  2. I have a copy coming if needed.
  3. http://www.deadbrokerecords.com/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=BTMILS-7
  4. Always had positive experiences with No Idea over the years. I hope this isn't what it sounds like.
  5. Was signed in. It eventually worked.
  6. Yup, can't add FF to my cart. Definitely a member though.
  7. Yup, can't add FF to my cart. Definitely a member though.
  8. Finally got an opportunity to open mine. Stoked to have received the Banquets / Nightmare for a Week Split Test! Thanks so much!
  9. https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/king-gizzard-quarters Didn't see it posted here (sorry if it was). Accelerated Berry - 17.00
  10. Package arrived today. Ordered two records. One came, but the Against Me was missing. Shot them an email. Probably an oversight, but unlikely they have anymore. Not a huge deal. Things happen. We shall see. Always been pleased with 1234.
  11. Mine arrived yesterday. Haven't opened it yet.
  12. Ha! I'd feel guilty using it. While I haven't been crazy about the songs so far, will still order.
  13. Me too, sticking with Bull Moose. 7 inch is nice, but doubt I'd ever play it.
  14. Thanks! I got an email. So much appreciated. Much respect!
  15. If you live in Germany, I was hoping someone could grab a record for me. Be happy to pay finders fee, shipping, etc. Shoot me a PM. Mods, if this is the wrong section, my apologies! Thanks!