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  1. The Hotelier - Goodness (Fawn and Field) $25 The Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace is There (tour press) Offer The Hotelier - It Never Goes Out (tour press) offer Four Year Strong - S/t (clear w/ screen printed tour sleeve) $40 Four Year Strong - S/t (clear w/ merchlimited screen printed sleeve) $45 Cloakroom - Further Out (clear) $25 Cloakroom - Further Out (Black w/ rsd screen printed sleeve) offer Lydia - Illuminate (black) $25 Lydia - Illuminate (sea blue) $30 Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven (purple black splatter, with deluxe bundle. Unworn shirt medium, cassette, pins, etc.) $45 Weatherbox - Follow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar (swamp water) offer Weatherbox - Follow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar (melted crayons) offer Weatherbox - The Cosmic Drama (first press blue) $30
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Damn, that sucks. The Limited vinyl from Procrastinate must be more than 500 units, otherwise why would they bother to number the cd out of /500?
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Anybody who ordered from this restock get the cd yet? Put my old address in the order by mistake and I keep running over there to see if it's there or not.
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Agreed. I think the thing that unnverves me more is the demonic echo in parts of the women's monologue in Lit me Up.
  5. Lydia - Illuminate (Blue) $40 Cloakroom - Further Out (Silk screen sleeve, /150) OFFER Cloakroom - Further Out (Clear) $25 Four Year Strong - S/t (Screen Printed Tour Cover /300) OFFER Four Year Strong - S/t (Merchlimited Screen Printed Cover /100) OFFER
  6. Prawn - Fall 2017

    Always down for new Prawn. Too bad it's coming out in the Fall, sounds like a total Summer jam.
  7. Title says it all. Might even be willing to trade vinyl for them depending on amount of tickets and/or what you are interested in. Hit me up!!
  8. SHIPPING EARLY?: Chon - Homey

    Just got my white w/ red splatter in the mail today. SO glad they got it in early and I don't have to wait til August. Can't wait to spin. Album could not have come out at a better time. Perfect summer driving album.
  9. PO Now: Arcadea on Relapse (Mastodon)

    Damn, kinda wanted to grab this one. Oh well...
  10. I have Gold VIP for NYC as well and don't expect to be able to nab one at all. Oh well. Anyone who's going in the near future could you nab some photos of the merch booth? Kinda interested to see what they got. Also out of curiosity anyone know how long of a set The Dear Hunter is playing?
  11. Periphery's store has the splatter. Sumerian's store has the white/red.
  12. New pressing of this is finally coming! Ships end of April. Regular version (red/white haze /500) : https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/periphery-1/products/periphery-periphery-red-white-haze-vinyl Instrumental Version (Opaque Blue /250) : https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/periphery-1/products/periphery-periphery-instrumental-version-opaque-blue-vinyl Bundled together : https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/periphery-1/products/periphery-periphery-vinyl-bundle