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  1. This is just a rough draft of my sale list. Will probably be adjusting, adding, and cleaning it up a bit as I go. First sheet is all 12”, sheet 3 is 7’s and 10’s. Most of the items in the 3rd sheet will come with orders upon request. That’s it, hit me up with any offers or questions! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-c22XaWtfaM2TPiwXAghYYl55e4GBd4Pr1jMljTWKv4 Edit: forgot to turn on link sharing. Should be good to view now!
  2. I'd be interested in buying some of your vinyl.  I'd like to pick up...


    Circa Survive - Appendage EP - maroon

    Deftones - Koi No Yokan - clear  

    Deftones - S/T - smoke marbled


    Do you still have them for sale?


  3. Was just coming to post this. I would assume if it’s for 48 hrs they’ll press however many they sell.
  4. I think you’re right. I think my second copy was the first pressing that it switched. I’ll check mine when I get home to see.
  5. I already have a first press and one of the more recent pressings as well, but fuck that’s pretty. “Suicide Squeeze is proud to reintroduce Planet of Ice's creative marriage of classic motifs and modern musical wizardry with a vinyl remaster courtesy of Bernie Grundman. The latest pressing is limited to 500 copies on Tri-color (pink, black, white) vinyl. Includes a download card. “ and this comment may actually make me grab it.
  6. I know it won’t happen but I’d kill for a repress of this. Or even a proper digital release so I don’t have to listen to it on YouTube.
  7. Always heard about these guys but never gave them a listen. This is a good excuse to start, grabbed a tri-color.
  8. Athletics - BFRSD

    Glad I decided not to shell out for any of the previous pressings of Athletics stuff.
  9. PO Now: A Lot Like Birds - Plan B

    See I wasn’t a big fan of DIVISI. Compared to Conversation Piece and No Place I thought it was lacking something. DIVISI has a couple good songs but as a whole it’s pretty boring imo. Especially compared to their other material.
  10. PO Now: A Lot Like Birds - Plan B

    Knew this band wasn’t gonna have a long lifespan after Kurt left. Never really have given Plan B a proper listen, but I grabbed this cause I hear nothing but good things about it.
  11. Listened to this today on the way to work and I might have to go to my local shop to pick it up now. Always saw Painted Shut mentioned everywhere, guessing I’ve been sleeping on this band. All the variants so far put the pressing at 1950. Maybe a /50 variant at the release show?
  12. 50 VIP’s per show, so I’m guessing that variant will be out of 1000.
  13. Would pay that price for a press of We Will All Evolve, just for nostalgia’s sake.