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  1. Did anybody ever get the pink or blue?
  2. Finally ordered. Only 4 left. This is actually cheaper on fatbeats than bullmoose or Amazon.
  3. Still hoping for a lies for the liars and artwork represses.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ol/B01G4HN220/ref=mw_dp_olp?ie=UTF8&condition=all Ice Cube the Predator for 31.95 shipped from marvelio. Cheapest I've seen for awhile.
  5. Hopefully they'll press Getting Away w/ Murder & Paramour Sessions next.
  6. Ill stick w my newbury half black/half yellow.
  7. Does third man charge right away or when it ships?
  8. https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/*/The-Velvet-Underground-Nico-Pink-Vinyl/5KLA0000000 Slighty cheaper on Musicvaultz. Even cheaper for first time users with WELCOME promo code.
  9. https://us.udiscovermusic.com/collections/box-sets/products/telephantasm-a-retrospective-super-deluxe-edition-cd-dvd-vinyl-box-set Soundgarden Telephantasm super deluxe for 54.98!! They also have super deluxe versions of Superunknown & Badmotorfinger if you click next item & previous item.
  10. https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/12-Vinyl/Hysteria-30th-Anniversary-Edition-Coloured-2LP/5K9K0D6Z000 24.84 at musicvaultz after WELCOME promo code for first time users.
  11. If anyone's interested importcds on ebay has the genesis lp on music on vinyl for only 11.88. Great price considering it goes for well over $30 anywhere else http://m.ebay.com/itm/Busta-Rhymes-Genesis-Vinyl-New-/131803706885?txnId=1353047940003
  12. Does anyone know if pinkerton is available for swap once its available? It says more coming soon now when I click on it.
  13. I was thinking that. http://m.ebay.com/itm/blink-182-Box-Set-Album-Collection-NEW-7CD-SET-/391664741485?nav=SEARCH This was on ebay which is the same upc as the Amazon listing. I think it was listed as vinyl by mistake
  14. Hey new Travis,is there gonna be a hot topic exclusive of the new Rise Against album?
  15. Got fleet foxes. Only $17 thanks to the referal code. Demon days should be shipping soon too!! Hopefully Fiona when the pawn next mo!!!