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  1. That is a terrible name, but I think this could be really cool if a lot of people use it.
  2. Some people like these: https://www.amazon.com/Auralex-Acoustics-ISO-Tone-Turntable-Isolation/dp/B00SZ3J4IS Ive not used one, as I found a decent isolation platform on Craigslist a few years back that has three inner tubes in it that I like a lot. Depending on the size of your turntable, it looks like there is a 15" X 15" one made for subwoofers also available a little cheaper. Just google it.
  3. Unless there are line level inputs on it, which I doubt there are, then there isn't a super simple way of integrating Bluetooth without modifications. I don't know what you're hoping to play with Bluetooth through this, but if you just want to play music from your phone or something you could buy a FM transmitter like this: https://www.amazon.com/Transmitter-Version-Novo-Icon-Blackberry/dp/B01DP8YYZU/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1489691650&sr=1-6&keywords=fm+transmitter and just hook it up to your phone. Then you could dial in the station on your FM radio on it and listen. If you want Bluetooth, my best guess would be to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker with a 3.5mm out, and then hook up the FM transmitter to it. You most likely know this, but the sound quality probably wont be great....
  4. I cant help much with speakers, as I only use floor standing. I am happy with my Klipsch Rf-82 ii's, but I know some people don't care for them. As for the Dynavector, its a bit overkill for your table, but I also really like the DV 10X5, which is a HO MC cart and wouldn't be a bad choice. The other suggestion of a LO MC like the Benz Micro, or Sumiko Blue point is good as well.
  5. I try not to have one item in the source amp speaker chain with disproportionately high or low value to the others. You've got nice source components, and a nice amp, it seems like your speakers are the weakest link so if it were me I would start there. and with your cart, I used the 2M blue for a few years before I upgraded to a Dynavector DV 20X2 mc cart. For me, the blue is too clynical and lacks detail, but it's great at it's price point.
  6. Yeah, I was able to order one yesterday FWIW
  7. I received my copy from Kill rock stars yesterday. Both lp's came in with a bit of a bowl warp to them and the surface noise is a little higher than I was hoping for. Neither one of those issues is a huge deal, as I haven't washed it yet, and the warp isn't so serious my record clamp can't help. So just listening on the first play through I thought it sounded better than some of the other variants I have of this. I will give it a wash and vacuum and see if that clears up the surface noise. If it does, then this will be an excellent press. Very dynamic and clear.
  8. New album sounds awesome. Just preordered the /250 variant.
  9. It's like when rednecks put on their fanciest Affliction shirts and bedazzled jeans to go out to eat at "The Outback." If you're used to McDonald's (Crosley) then Outback (U-Turn) would be your high end. We're arguing semantics, but yeah, I agree with you. VPI is something I would consider high end, a $300 table I would not, but I wouldn't even consider a $300 as mid tier, and a lot of people do.
  10. "High end" is subjective. We have no idea what he is using now. He says he is looking for "record player" and I've never met anyone who refers to something like a VPI as a record player. So my guess his high end is not necessarily the same as ours. When I had a Music Hall 2.1 I considered that high end, but now that I have a lower tier VPI, I consider the higher priced ones high end and not my Traveler V2.
  11. That is likely a decent turntable. Rek O Kut's were fine tables, but unless you have the skills yourself, you will likely be wasting your money. The belt alone is $40 +shipping, and would be one of the easier things to fix on it. Then, if you want to replace it with a halfway decent cart, you're looking at another $100 easy. I'd take the above poster's advice and go with something inexpensive and new like a U-Turn.
  12. Started buying records at punk shows as a teen and used my dads crappy turntable to play them. He had a lot of other neat punk albums so I listened to them as well. Went into the military and kept buying a couple records while being a total noob about it (throwing away inner sleeves because it was aggravating having to put them back in.) Fast forward to being out of the navy and I have some disposable income while going to college so i start getting into equipment and buying more records. Got into the "emo revival" scene and bout a ton of that type of stuff. Fast forward to today and I have about 900 records and a system I've put about $5000 into.