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  1. The best advice is to read the beginners thread that you're supposed to read before you post. What you buy will be dependent on how much money you're willing to spend. An AT-LP-60 will work, but is not considered a good turntable by any measure and prolonged use will damage your records.
  2. Ordered with the shirt, and I have not received shipping notification. I ordered first day within minutes of it going live for reference.
  3. Weird... I didn't have any issues
  4. The Sony and your speakers are your problem.... You are using a mini all in one type system, which are known to be poor sounding. Your cart and table are leaps and bounds above your amplifier and speakers. Using the Logitech speakers will likely not help either. Technically what you are doing works, but you will not achieve anything resembling decent playback with that mini system.
  5. I couldn't tell anything from your video due to you moving the camera around so much... If your plinth is level, but your platter is not, then to the best of my knowledge you have one of two problems: platter is warped, or your spindle is bent. To determine which it is, place our platter upside down on a known flat surface. look all the way around the where the platter meets the surface. Is there any gaps? If no, place it back on spindle and hold a ruler next to platter. Watch the platter as it spins around. Do you see the platter raising and lowering in height by more than a mm or so? If so, this is likely a bent spindle. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I have a Yamaha YP-D71 that had a bent spindle and this is how i determined that, and then was able to tap the spindle back into alignment.
  6. It seems like you're getting extremely hung up on the leveling bit. I won't say its not important, but with your system, its not that important, and likely will not fix your issue. You haven't exactly said what your amp and speakers are, but you did say "to an old Sony hi-fi audio" and you mentioned a more neutral sounding pair of Logitech speakers, and this all leads me to believe that you could have your TT as level as all get out, but your system will still sound like garbage. Check the beginners thread for some recommendations for speakers and an amp.
  7. Seeing them on Sunday night. Beyond stoked for the show. I haven't listened to the album yet, but it seems like bands always get just a little more, I don't know, accessible?, when they go to Triple Crown, so I'm slightly nervous about that. But I'm looking forward to it regardless.
  8. http://popwig.limitedrun.com/products/593063-trapped-under-ice-cherry-shirt New shirt is pretty cool also. Was able to score all three variants, shirt and hat this morning.
  9. I heard that and I think I heard a little Turnstile as well... I can dig it.
  10. I would imagine it will be a tour exclusive, Just a guess though.
  11. I think its a completely appropriate response, and although I wish they would have said this all sooner, I understand the need to digest it and get their proverbial ducks in a row. It's still all he said-she said right now, and if it comes out that the allegations were false, then it wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. I think because of the community's rush to judgement, there probably wont be any coming back from this whether it happened or didn't.
  12. If it actually is in good condition other than needing a stylus, that's a pretty good deal. I cant give you an exact number because I haven't seen it, but Thorens TD 150 tables needing restoration have sold on eBay within the last month for $220 - $265.
  13. I've seen several different albums pressed in "grimace purple." Have you not?
  14. Can't help but Jank rules. Bump