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  1. Can't help but Jank rules. Bump
  2. This last sold on eBay last month unplayed for $33 with free shipping. I'll give you $25 ppd.
  3. Fuck. DNA is a banger. This whole album is awesome but that one track stands out to me for some reason. This is nothing like I expected, but I love it already and I generally set my expectations too high for new releases and am disappointed.
  4. So you've been told to buy a new cart, a new pre amp, and a new amp... There is a sort of philosophical argument going on here as to which is going to give you the biggest upgrade in sound for your money and I really don't think anyone is wrong. I have never heard an on board phono pre that sounds good. Im going to attempt to give you an honest unbiased opinion from someone who has gone from worse than what you have to something much better than what you have. That amp you're looking at looks good, and probably is, but without a decent preamp or decent cart is going to be wasted money. You're preamp is the weakest link. I don't know that the lounge is the best option. Some like it. I've heard it and thought it sounded flat and was easily beat by tube preamps in the price range. The Little Bear T10 comes to mind for $100 cheaper. The Grado Black isn't a great cart. Please remember this is the beginning of the chain. Crap in = crap out. Your cart converts mechanical to electrical. It's up for debate, but I believe it's the most important link in the chain. You already have great speakers, get yourself a good cart. You have what? $1200-1500 speakers and a $75 cart? Admittedly you have a $0 pre, but.. You will always be able to upgrade every part of your system. In my experience I have found the money to positive effect hierarchy to be the actual record quality > cart> pre >table > tone arm > amp > isolation >rca cables > power supply. Take it for what it's worth. And sorry for the wall of text. I have a few tube pre amps and carts if you're interested and am willing to chat privately on building a preamp if that interests you. Good luck.
  5. Sure, it will sound different. And it'll probably be at least noticeable, but with that setup I doubt it'll be better, just a bit different. Glad you enjoy the preamp, but what works for one system doesn't work for others. Just my opinion, and I'm not telling the person not to buy it, but I think the money would be better placed elsewhere. And for recommendations for $300 cart, I like the Ortofon 2M blue and bronze for that price area. I think they are great for the price, especially when paired with a tube preamp. I eventually moved from one to a Dynavector 20X2.
  6. I agree with the above poster. Give yourself some time with the new deck and get a feel for the sound. It is my opinion, though, that you won’t get much out of a better pre-amp right away. Everyone has their own opinions, but I think the cartridge is one of the most important links in the chain. Your new one will most certainly be a huge upgrade from whatever was on your old TT, but it’s still no gem, and certainly not even close to being on par with your speakers. It'll sound slightly different, maybe, but it won’t allow you to hear detail that your stylus is not picking up, if that makes sense. By all means get one because it will be useful to have in the future as you upgrade your cart, but probably isn’t necessary right away.
  7. I can wait another week, but I don't want to have to.
  8. Ahhh. I'll give that a shot real fast. Yeah... Not available in the US store. Bummer.
  9. Just checked it out, and yeah, the prices are better, but its $18.17 for shipping to the US. That puts the total at $72.15 for both. That's more reasonable than the $89 from uDiscover, but still way more expensive than it needs to be. I'm a sucker for colored/clear vinyl, but for $40, you can have both new presses sent to you with 2 day shipping from Amazon.
  10. This is the most likely scenario. Those aren't great turntables by any definition, but should play without the sound being muffled and scratchy.
  11. I don't know that they held in high esteem, but I've never heard them shit on.
  12. Heart of the Congos is my favorite dub album. I wish I had a better press of it. I guess its likely just the recording quality, but... Also, Easy Dub All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon is a fun album.
  13. $30 for XO, and $40 for figure 8.... Thought about pulling the trigger, then saw and additioanl $18.90 for shipping. No thanks.