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  1. Nah. Oddly enough, a local Dallas DJ. I left so much behind cause I didn't want to sleep on the couch for the week.
  2. Local DJ cleaned out his Hip Hop collection. Could've spent $1k+ easily. Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus 1st Rawkus pressing Hansdomeboy Modeling's your girl? Mobb Deep- Hell on Earth first pressing
  3. Hoping for Cyanide Sisters repress can dream, right?
  4. Completely missed this last week. How much was the signed copy going for?
  5. Ugh. I watch the reseller prices go up every year in hopes of a repress. Looks like I just need to pull the trigger after a couple 6 or 8 drinks.
  6. I'm guessing he feels the same way about a Cyanide Sisters repress? I'd love to have another chance at that one.
  7. Really looking forward to this. It's been too long since their last release.
  8. Perfect timing for this. I'll be there next week for the first time. Thanks for the input.
  9. I loved the first two albums (as well as how different they are) but I'm having a really hard time with "Eclipse". I saw him live Tuesday night and I was hoping that I would warm up the new album but it just isn't happening. The only track I really like is "Half Life'. He put on damn good as always, but I ended up passing on the new vinyl even with the signed poster from the show included.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I've been looking forward to some new Sufjan. I absolutely loved The Age of Adz, but a return to the acoustic folk side will be nice.
  11. Don't think these have been posted yet. Three new stores for Dallas, Tx 1. Off the Record (Small bar with vinyl section curated by Good Records.) 2716 Elm St. Dallas, TX Now Open 2. Spinster Records (Opening October 2014) Really looking forward to this one. 829 W. Davis St. Dallas, TX 3. Josey Records (Opens 10/18/2014) 2821 Lyndon B. Johnson FWY Ste. 100 Dallas, TX