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  1. Yep... I ordered three from them during the last 25% sale and it came in one of their shitty flat mailers... one side of the mailer had come completely unsealed. I could look in and see the records. Unbelievably there was no damage, I got lucky.
  2. Thanks for the Chelsea Wolfe!
  3. This mildly annoys me too, but when in Rome:
  4. The Smiths - Rank (2LP live album) for $17.89 w/ Prime. Only 4 left in stock right now. I usually wouldn't classify this as "cheap" per se, but it's definitely a deal, considering camelcamelcamel says it's been close to or above $30 before this price drop and it's currently at the lowest price it's ever been on Amazon.
  5. It's part of Earache's "Vinyl On Demand" store ( basically they have a pre-order system set up and when a record gets to 500 pre-orders it gets pressed. Unfortunately Us and Them is at 51 right now. I've been waiting on this too and hoped there would be more demand considering it's never been pressed on vinyl.
  6. Also temporarily OOS, David Bowie - David Bowie AKA Space Oddity $11.99 w/ Prime
  7. It's currently out of stock, but Descedents - Hallraker (Live) is $12 and Prime eligible
  8. Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack - $11.99 O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack - $12.73 Both Prime Eligible
  9. Depeche Mode - Violator - $11.08 (Prime, in stock March 1st)
  10. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend - $12.58 and eligible for Prime
  11. Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate ($12.77 w/ Prime Shipping) Temporarily out of stock at the moment, but in my experience they usually get stock fairly timely in this situation.
  12. I just went through everything that was visible and can't find anything. I know very little about back end programming though and they are using Wordpress, which I also know very little about. I got nothing
  13. I got it, it sounds decent enough. The record looks awful though, some nasty looking gashes and dirty. Surprisingly it plays fine considering.
  14. Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks - $9.99 w/ Prime Shipping
  15. Yeah, that's definitely possible. I'll send an email if it doesn't show up by the end of the week and see if I can get a tracking number.
  16. Definitely worth tracking down this repress, it looks and sounds great.
  17. Did anyone in the US receive Selfless from Earache yet? I got a shipping confirmation two weeks ago but still haven't received it. I had the same issue with the Streetcleaner repress, they actually had to send me another one. I wish Earache provide tracking info.
  18. Prince - S/T $11.58 - I don't think this is part of Prime Day, and it sounds like some people have had issues with the quality, but it's a good deal and easily returnable if there's issues.
  19. I ordered at 5:16pm eastern... wow. Apparently just missed it.
  20. Godflesh - Decline and Fall for $6.00 + $3.99 shipped from importcds (with Collector's Choice 99 cents more).
  21. Roughly $24.50 shipped to the U.S. Oh fuck yes.
  22. Ugh all these reissues in the last week or two...