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  1. Same here! There's a trophy I'm trying to get where you only do non-lethal takedowns throughout the whole campaign. I was getting far, but lost all of my progress when I bought a new hard drive. Couldn't swap over the saves since I don't have an external hard drive. Didn't hear if Dishonored 2 is good or not, but it's fun to find different ways to take out enemies.
  2. I very much enjoyed the Uncharted series though. Uncharted 4 was outstanding in my book, with all of the chase scenes and story line. Had me on edge the whole ride. Really looking forward to trying out Horizon: Zero Dawn. Might try and pick it up soon as I don't want the story spoiled for me.
  3. Of course. The only thing that really sets apart Call of Duty from its previous titles are different weapons/abilities and maps, which is why I'm not a fan personally. But the combat in TLOU lacks for me. You have basic weapons and not a whole lot else. The occasional boss battle is entertaining (can't remember what name it has), but the rest of the combat feels slow and dull. Super Mario may only be left/right and jump, but getting to the finish line often feels like a challenge bundled with a few abilities along the way; the only challenge in TLOU is quietly taking out enemies. I guess a rebuttal could be Dishonored, but combat in that game is fun to me.
  4. I haven't finished it, but I agree. The story is very strong, but the gameplay is repetitive for the most part. To the point that I haven't brought myself to finish it because of it. Walk, area with enemies, sneaky beaky mode, knock out enemies, walk further, knock out more enemies, cutscene, repeat.
  5. Great. Hopefully I can find Bertmer and Ortiz for a good price.
  6. Started Hotline Miami last night and it's great so far. The music is what drew me to the game and it's actually a fun game as well. Believe I just beat Chapter 4 just now and it keeps getting more difficult. I'm enjoying it. I have Wrong Number as well, so I'll be playing that one soon.
  7. I'll give them a shot! Ordered the Hybrids. I'm always on the lookout for some cheaper alternatives and it seems like these deliver. Having a wire isn't such a big deal. Not having to charge them is a huge pro for me as it's so annoying having to wait two hours for the ones I linked to be charged. I've been looking into a portable amp, but I'm not sure where to even find a good one. I've searched Reddit a little bit, but didn't look too deep. But I would like one as I mainly listen to music on my phone nowadays. Also curious how it will pair with Tidal's HiFi streaming service. also thank you for the links.
  8. I purchased these Bluetooth ones a while back and still use them. It blocks out the surrounding noise and they don't sound too bad. But then again, I don't have a good pair of headphones to compare, so. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HG8G4BM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_iEXTybJAB737Q I've been eyeing the Shure that jonrawks posted for a bit now but haven't pulled the trigger on them. For some reason I feel like I shouldn't spend $100 on a pair of IEMs. Feel like I could get a better sound out of a pair of normal headphones. But I'm probably wrong.
  9. Terribly sorry you received some sarcasm along with some helpful advice. I hope you'll be able to live through the night.
  10. What flexis? I don't see any for sale. Unless you're talking about the old flexis.
  11. Will wait until I hear the first single. Kurt is longer in the band, if I remember, so I'm curious on the sound.
  12. All I want is a Florian Bertmer. I think the artwork for it is great. The Randy Ortiz one is trippy, but equally great.
  13. I've listened to a bit of Celestial and I remember liking it. Does anyone recommend I listen to the remastered for a full listen instead?
  14. If that was the case, I hope they don't correct you. I need me an XL.