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  1. nice it went back up after i bought else where when it was oos for me last night
  2. Preordered riverdale was going to get charli xcx but she sold out so I got it somewhere else
  3. Order it from barn and noble market place cuz urban outfitters( was still available yesterday and this morning until I wanted to buy it) and Walmart are oos so is her store. This could be hard to get soon
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    got the last copy of bleachers from my store only thing i really wanted lucky i got there when i did cuz guy behind me want it too lol
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    I only have 30 to spend cuz I want blg damn
  6. PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    Almost got the 300 pressing but wanted to wait a few days but shouldn't of
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    I'm hoping to get bleachers rsd just hope my store gets it
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    oh ok now i remember my bad lol
  9. PIcked up hayley kiyoko to go with other pressing and got tove lo lady wood for 8.99 40% off so have all of tove on vinyl minus blue lips cuz no physical (ps already had the target cd of ladywood still wanted uo exclusive vinyl)
  10. Record Store Day 2018

    Don't you mean equal vision records cuz that's the label it came out on not hopeless
  11. my friend was just at uo and this week is 40% of sale stuff so go check out your stores
  12. PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    just got the fye red exclusive cuz a store in ct near me still had one copy
  13. wow but no hayley kiyoko