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  1. Picked up borns and new haven Ct store has 2 copies left
  2. im in hamden so going to the new haven store to pick up the farmington store got the 6/7 or so copies
  3. i called two stores in ct for Børns and one store got 6/7 copies the other idk how many they got but im going to get one
  4. just did that two store in ct got a few one got 6/7 idk how many the other store got but going to get later today
  5. Missed out on hayley kiyoko uo vinyl sold out in like 3 hours
  6. Okay thank I will let you know cuz this week I'm buying something else but will get it bought next week
  7. which on there is it the deluxe or non deluxe? cuz i want to know if the one on there is 100% the alt cover one before i buy cuz i thought it was sold out . plus i never ordered from them so is it a good site
  8. what pressing is this with the different artwork https://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/vinyl/products/state-champs-around-the-world-and-back-vinyl-lp?variant=45248422476
  9. i just picked up the uo pressing today for around 5
  10. picked up Sabrina Carpenter new found glory and misterwives all were half off clearance price at urban outfitters so only paid 15.91 plus had a 5 dollar rewards too
  11. The ajr uo vinyl no store in 200 miles got so I bought online the other day Wow cuz I really want this and was hoping to wait a few more weeks
  12. Pvris: Acoustic 10" EP

    i would love to own this but it sell out to fast