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  1. Lock me in a room, give me a box of tissues and a few bottles of whiskey and come get me in a week, I'll be listening to this non stop.
  2. I don't even know how to describe how excited I am for this and how long it's felt we've been waiting...I can say with extreme confidence and conviction that Helplessness Blues has made it into my top 5 albums all time, but I know that the expectation for the new album one wont hinder my enjoyment if it isn't met. Ordered for the print w/o hesitation, and will get whatever others I can get my hands on!
  3. Other Truths was alright at best, but everything else is killer. Hoping after such a long break this is nothing short of stellar.
  4. I'm sure a few people know me well enough now to vouch that I'm not a total dick, so there was really no ill-intent in my message even if it came across that way.
  5. All I'm saying is you're trying to justify NOT buying this album is the most nonsensical way I can think of, while at the same time defending the other so ardently in nearly the opposite manner. Your rationale is really scary to watch sometimes. Ready to shell 40+ at the drop of a hat because of variants on a 1lp but complaining about tight money and wanting to be responsible. For your own sake and best interest, hold onto your money right now, don't get either. If you miss the opportunity on an album it's not the end of days. Even if the variant is pretty dope honestly, and you dig the music. That happens more than you think. Would that justify your mini-money-rant you made earlier when for this one, your saying responsibility is your key concern? Condescending tones will happen when I chime in from time to time after watching in agony for so long.
  6. Yet you'll buy an Au Revoir album that is probably mediocre and way overpriced...because the variant is 'sick' looking.
  7. First Narrows by Loscil is available on vinyl now for first time via Kranky. https://loscil.bandcamp.com/album/first-narrows 2xlp for 23 shipped. Can't beat it for such a solid album.
  8. Clear with splatter still available on EU site too. Probably gonna grab that. Looks great and the song is pretty nice. Vocal mixing is a little off putting though.
  9. I'm off the opposite opinion, and am selling my Deluxe but holding onto my signed VF. I've come to realize I don't want that damn pic disc because what the hell and i'm lucky enough to have a signed VF and Applebee variant.
  10. Just picked up Great Old Ones and Astronoid! (Which I assume is the black /150? @20buckspinlabel)
  11. If so people could just add 5-10 to their paypal from card then send as gift...idk pretty sure last year there were no issues with fees.