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  1. Yet you'll buy an Au Revoir album that is probably mediocre and way overpriced...because the variant is 'sick' looking.
  2. First Narrows by Loscil is available on vinyl now for first time via Kranky. https://loscil.bandcamp.com/album/first-narrows 2xlp for 23 shipped. Can't beat it for such a solid album.
  3. Clear with splatter still available on EU site too. Probably gonna grab that. Looks great and the song is pretty nice. Vocal mixing is a little off putting though.
  4. I'm off the opposite opinion, and am selling my Deluxe but holding onto my signed VF. I've come to realize I don't want that damn pic disc because what the hell and i'm lucky enough to have a signed VF and Applebee variant.
  5. Just picked up Great Old Ones and Astronoid! (Which I assume is the black /150? @20buckspinlabel)
  6. If so people could just add 5-10 to their paypal from card then send as gift...idk pretty sure last year there were no issues with fees.
  7. Probably cause it's all old songs and only a live album. I'm sure it's lovely sounding and nice and all, just a little redundant, especially since I have the deluxe of the last. Handwritten note is a nice touch though.
  8. Chiming in late on this to say I'm realllllly enjoying this album. Love the more matured sound, almost like what Foxing has done. Great flow, perfect length and wonderful instrumentation. Still catching up on albums from 2016 so I'm sad I never got around to it earlier.
  9. I use empty Radicchio and Endive wood boxes from work inside a folding fabric box from ikea. Works quite well.
  10. I liked Sauna but didn't love it...Clear Moon and Lost Wisdom will always overshadow everything for me atm...but I'm really excited to hear this whole thing and have some pretty high expectations.