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  1. Got mine as well. Its gorgeous.
  2. Throw in Witcher style and playability and I'm there.
  3. Not just that but with Elder Scrolls Online they don't need to make another right now. They will just keep making expansions to a game that no one plays.
  4. Got the blue stage 3 vinyl but passed on the cd set.
  5. Thanks for tagging! Will be on the lookout for this to go up; I have Coma and 2 copies of WSWS but have not been able to grab the others. This box is very intriguing, just wondering about press and price.
  6. Ugh, can't get this yet. Moving soon so no where to get it shipped to till I figure that out. When is this supposed to ship?
  7. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    Only digital right now, vinyl for it should follow soon after, as per a FB post I saw/their tumblr faq's.
  8. Excited about this, as it could possibly be AOTY for me. Celeste always crush it.
  9. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Holy shit in love with this.
  10. Got tickets for the Philly show with PBTT today when they were doing a private presale, stoked!
  11. Password mewithoutyou /500 black /500 green tour /750 haze
  12. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Love anything and everything Prawn. Went with the /200 and Shirt, which is awesome looking! Can't wait
  13. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    Really loved Third of May and I Am All That I Need, but you're right, the rest o the new stuff kind of blended together live. Sounds much better on album when they all flow together in order. However, it was my first time seeing them, and they really played all my other favorites so for me, it was an unforgettable show. Battery Kinzie, Shrine/Argument, Grown Ocean, Helplessness Blues, White Winter Hymnal, Mykonos, Oliver James ect. So good.