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  1. It is but it's 2 part, totaling 11+ mins.
  2. My GF and I pretty much got everything we wanted. Got there around 730, 30th in line. They had tons of everything, like 10+ of literally everything, even quite a lot of UK releases. Had my pick of the litter, but really just grabbed what I wanted the bolted. Coheed Iron and Wine War On Drugs Jason Isbell Art Pepper Bonnie Prince Billy Kevin Morby Thrice Balance and Comp my GF grabbed Lumineers, Heart and the Heart, Blondie, John Paul White. Also scored something I didn't expect right before the RSD bins, ISIS Live on Clear!
  3. This series is really hurting my wallet...but I want them all...
  4. Me and the gf got to Princeton Record Exchange just now at 7, about 30th in line
  5. Yea they did, and the guitarist from Earth played with her.
  6. I have yet to see Chelsea, but I saw Marissa Nadler sometime last year, and her set live was one of the most dark, brooding and captivatingly dreamy shows I've seen in a while. Too bad it doesn't translate to the album as well, which is still good in all respects, just the live show was on another level.
  7. I signed up last night only for Tidal and purposely DIDN'T use anyone's referral code from here just for spite.
  8. Yup Nothing posted all copies sold out. Pretty quick yet not surprising.
  9. Grabbed the clear! Haze would have been cool but no biggie.
  10. Pretty nice song, still need to hear the whole thing before I concider. Much more promising than +- atm though!
  11. Where did I ever say any of that in this conversation? Please point to it out. I was saying I didn't like it. I was saying after hearing the latest Foxing album, my opinion was that it didn't add up to why this wasn't good to me and I didn't like it. AND that we agree that there could be differences, I was merely pointing out some examples of similar sounding ones that still worked. So how about that's the end of it?
  12. So i guess opinions aren't a thing anymore...? There is no one "point" to solo albums. Take the newest Owen, or Conner Oberst, Deakin... all pretty similar from where they care from, but not for the sake of 'doing it alone' so why am I not allowed to enjoy the music of a band and want to experience more of it? They are not the exception nor the rule because there isn't one.
  13. Agreed. Loved the direction they took with Dealer, now to hear this effort from him, doesn't add up.
  14. Do they even know who Chelsea Wolfe or Marissa Nadler are? Edit: Really diggin this single btw