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  1. Yessss, can't wait to hear! That write up tho...cringeworthy.
  2. Glad I didn't miss it this time. I'll have to pay pretty to get part 1 on gold...
  3. I just don't want to stream it 'till I have it...'Helplessness Blue' has definitively worked it's way into my top5 of all time. And that's a big deal to me. So I'm awaiting hearing this more than anything that's come around in recent years. Can. Not. Wait. Especially if all this praise is justified.
  4. Fucking stop it...enabler.... You're gonna make me do naughty things
  5. Grabbed FF and Perfume early, so I'm all good! People saying they can't hit the checkout button and carts are not updating. Also about 400 copies of FF are already gone in 6 mins. Will probably sell out today.
  6. I really didn't like their last album, was extremely chiche and average. Single is alright, sounds a lot like 'radio rock' though. Will check it out eventually but not worth the PO right now imo.
  7. God is an Astronaut meets 65daysofstatic. It's a decent track, much better than most on Rave Tapes. I'm confused about this signed print vs no signed print. I cant seem to find the UK PO that has it? It redirects me from their site to TR. Just curious.
  8. Just got mien today. Beautiful packaging, great clean/heavy record, really happy with it.
  9. Gonna be waiting till I have it in hand, as per usual. Really getting hyped about this though, Helplessness Blues has risen to classic levels for my
  10. No worries, just wanted to make sure it wasn't a stock issue and that I will receive it with my PO when that comes in, thanks!
  11. Mentioned it in the RSD thread but thought i'd share here as well...that on RSD digging through the 2 bins they had set up right before the RSD stuff, I found a sealed, absolutely perfect copy of this on clear and picked it up, so happy I was able to find one after missing out on the PO!
  12. when I first opened it I thought it WAS black, it's so dark.
  13. @TGSNick Will the Tel Aviv record I ordered not be sent out until the Com Truise is ready, since I waited and bought together?
  14. Ordered Blue from BM. So glad it wont charge for another ~2 months. Happy days!
  15. It is but it's 2 part, totaling 11+ mins.