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  1. Awesome! And regarding the Hoffman side of things, it is the polar opposite of here for Peppers meaning there are multiple (I mean double digits) threads on this release all with different specific topics. And the main topic has multiple threads as well with the first thread being 905 pages of replies!
  2. Hey Marc, welcome! Love Maine (especially Portland - likely my favorite city in the world). A bit of advice. For anything pertaining to sound quality especially releases from the 90s and older, the Steve Hoffman forums is the best reference anywhere on the internet. I would say for classic rock/pop discussion there is likely no better place to go. Also I would argue a large group of the people at the Hoffman forums are true audiophiles in the true sense of the term (likely due to the demographics having the experience in this area and budget to afford more expensive equipment). The VC forums (not to be confused with the VC Facebook/YouTube community which is something entirely different) is "generally" focused on releases from the 90s to current day, especially those in specific genres like indie, punk, emo, ambient, shoe gaze, etc, etc. Also colour and limited pressings appeal more here then over there.
  3. Finally got my Arthur Verocai this morning from Picidilly Records. Damn this thing was hard to find but I can say I am finally done.
  4. Anyone see a copy anywhere for the Arthur Verocai album? Its a 70s brazilian record that had a special audiophile reissue released on RSD (only, 1,000 available). Have not seen it show up on any of the stockists selling remaining stock and it is going for $50 CAD + shipping (all outside of Canada) so it is pricey.
  5. Only after the Arthur Verocai at a decent price (ie not Discogs or eBay). Checked all of the stores that have been listing stuff today have not seen it listed anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Anyone see the Scared to Get Happy comp, Arthur Verocai or U Roy reissues at decent prices?
  7. Looking for Arthur Verocai RSD release but have yet to see it pop up.
  8. FYI - Passing on these so others can get them.
  9. PM on Cocteau Twins!
  10. This is my favorite band of all time and one of the few whose later records are very strong as well. Cannot wait to see them in Portland, Maine in May. I will probably pick this up to support them even though I have originals of all of their LPs.
  11. I loved 95% of the new mix but as soon as B0lly starts laughing on the outro it ruined the whole thing for me. No idea why they included that especially given the meaning\sentiment of the song.
  12. The new Luke reed record "Won't Be There" will HOPEFULLY be released sometime this year (hope you are listening Native Sound). I have been trying to pimp this at every possible turn. Nice to see Gorilla vs Bear just recently give it some love as well:
  13. Yup, love Glynis. Was so disappointed in the new version released on the Pisces Iscariot re-release.
  14. How can you be "big" into SP and not have your hands on Drown? That makes zero sense. This is one of the best comps of all time, of any genre for all of the reasons other mentioned.