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  1. Look at mini-mod wannabe James sticking up for the persecuted mods. Fight the good fight.
  2. I signed up for a 1 month subscription somI can get Person Pitch (signed up yesterday). At what point should I cancel to be sure I don't get charged for another month (which I heard can happen)?
  3. One left now thanks!
  4. The Hoffman forums are ridiculous for sure, but I am not sure if anyone on this forum should be throwing stones around in a glass house.
  5. Can anyone comment on the sound quality of this pressing? Previous Explosions records have not been the best.
  6. Yeah I have had terrible luck with CT's warping rate, to the point I have dialled back on what I buy.
  7. That Diana album is great and under $10 Cad. Also good pricing on Songs:Ohia and Feelies.
  8. Favorite album of the year. One of the best electronic pop albums that works truly as an album from start to finish in years (maybe ever!?). Highly recommended and cannot wait for my vinyl to arrive.
  9. Got to say this is rivalling only the George Clanton (Electro Pop) and Nic Hessler (Power Pop) albums for top spot of favorite album this year. If anyone can recommend anymore albums that came out recently that fits this mood (more dream pop the. Shoegaze) please let me know!
  10. Yup agreed. I like a few of Lana's songs but Grimes has her beat on tunes. Realiti, Go, Phone Sex, Oblivion, and Genesis are all better then any song that Lana has recorded in my opinion. Brooklyn Baby is great though.
  11. All of this for sure. On top of that, the album is very bloated and the production on many of the songs is pretty murky as well. The last bit alienated a lot of fans because many of us hardcore nuts at the time had heard versions of a lot of these songs (which sounded great then) from the Arising Tour prior to its release. I have an OG of Machina already, but will still pick up the deluxe reissue for Machina 2/Friends and Enemies of Modern Music.
  12. If I had a dime for everytime I heard this..
  13. Hey it IS my favorite soundtrack of all time and easily in my top 10 or 20 albums of all time. Obviously nostalgia plays a big part as this introduced me to the Pumpkins (who would become my favorite band for a good 10+ years until Billy decided to destroy its legacy), Paul Westerburg, The Screaming Trees, Alice in Chains and contains 2 of my favorite PJ songs of all time. This is why I ponied up for the Brazil version. Unfortunately (like many Brazilian presses) the vinyl is thin, and as a soundtrack, it has way to many songs per side which destroys the fidelity. And just not a good pressing overall. I would love to get an upgrade of this. The only other 90s comp that rivals this (and there are a lot of great 90s comps out there) is the No Alternative comp, which is also in my Top 10\20 albums of all time. Buffalo Tom (supremely underrated), SP, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, The Breeders, Matthew Sweet, Soul Asylum, Bob Mould, etc., etc. These two albums make a damn near perfect time capsule of the Alternative scene.