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  1. Edit: now sold this red vinyl copy. Will start a new thread with my wants that I want to buy...but if people are after the black copy I might let go of this. Get in touch.
  2. It's not so much the messaging about records I wouldn't want to sell I would mind. It would be cheapskates and or flippers trying to get £100 records for 20p. I have enough of that nonsense on eBay. I did a deal on a Bowie record recently, bent over backwards with price and sending at a specific time etc. It was 'for a 40th Birthday Present'. Of course it was relisted by the buyer within 3 days.
  3. With shipping, customs charges and the exchange rate that FYE edition is inching towards 100 quid. I love her, but that just isn't happening.
  4. Ordered. God knows if quick enough for the signed version. I hate it when they don't tell you.
  5. Aargh. I am destined to miss out on all Nothing and DOL clears. Got the Red though.
  6. PO: The Horrors - V (09/22)

    This has been getting great reviews over here. I liked, but didn't love some of their previous ones...will check this out.
  7. So if you all get records after being refunded, will I get a record after not even ordering?
  8. I am too lazy to search this thread (sorrynotsorry) but I was in HMV yesterday and they are selling this with 14 art prints as well. About 27 quid, compared to 21 I think. Just a heads up if not mentioned. I am more of a casual fan with 2 LPs. But might have to pick this up.
  9. I've got the first on gold with card, so it has to be this for me.
  10. PO now: Makthaverskan - III

    Nice. I bought their earlier stuff and they disappeared without trace, or seemed to anyway.
  11. I waited and didn't order as I thought this was one of those 'limited' releases. Where with no numbers mentioned it's actually pressed in many 1000s. Turns out it might be limited for real. FFS.
  12. Considering some of the dreck on these forums I am a little surprised at the response to the original post. Anyways...can't wait. I love PR and I just want some new music/gigs/anything??

    Yep, now on Discogs too. FFS
  14. Record Store Day 2017

    I went into my local RSD place. First time in. Loads of things left. All half price. Peter Hook still there, plus many of the reissues. And they have quite a few RSD titles from years gone by that didn't sell, LPs that were 28 now reduced to 5. It's like the ghost of RSD past coming back to haunt you.