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  1. We can't handle too much excitement in one day.
  2. Put me in the 'never knew this was such a big record' camp. I glanced on the VMP forum and people are saying this was a massive part of their lives.
  3. I haven't been on there, but it sounds like a lot of the poster/print collectors. Splurging money on every 'Mondo Print' that gets released which largely sit in flat files or put straight on eBay. Many print buyers are moving over to records from what I can tell, so makes sense.
  4. This has probably been posted before. It's from 2015. But seems timely. I like Howling Owl and love The Spectres. It's not just us, the consumers who get the shitty end of the stick. http://www.soniccathedral.co.uk/why-record-store-day-is-dying/
  5. Imma need some of those meth infused steroids. Sound tasty!
  6. I can't remember exactly, but I've heard there are one or two killer games for it that make it worth buying for those alone.
  7. I started this for a couple of bands, but gave up when foreign variants and so on became tricky. Part of the problem being I like too much variety.
  8. There is a large part of me that wanted to create an account as this girl and start bombarding the forum with questions and posts about my vinyl, but I think you guys would see straight through it.
  9. I managed 40 seconds of the video.
  10. Nothing you have said is untrue, and hopefully not news to anybody (?) I've been buying vinyl for nearly 30 years and yes, they used to be purely meant as 'test presses' to validate the sound. In this vinyl resurgence they have been co-opted as another variant basically. Very similar to AP (artist proofs) of the print/poster world. Used to mean a couple to verify colours etc. Now artists often have 25-50 of these APs to sell to earn a little money. Just an example of how language and meaning changes over time really.
  11. I am guessing it's going to be back in stock repeatedly. 'Limited edition' with no numbers, but we'll limit to # of orders is a license to print money really. And yes, I ordered one!
  12. Scunthorpe. Some were decent as well, Star Trek and some other reasonable films. I never owned a player. I've just given away my MiniDisc player with Freecycle actually.
  13. I was in one of those Cash Converter places the other day. They had two crates of Laserdiscs. It was amazing.
  14. I've been collecting since the late 80s. And though record and cover condition have always been a factor, and graded according to Record Collector/Goldmine standards, I think in recent times with a wave of new collectors and vinyl becoming fashionable again, it's become more intense. And small imperfections are not tolerated. When you used to have to actually buy records from a shop, they weren't sealed most of the time, and there was obviously some minor dings from an object being carried around. In this brave new world, I think people want them to be unblemished. That said, to avoid all this, I photograph everything I am selling in hi-res and from all angles so nobody has any surprises when it turns up.
  15. Sold EP1 as I wasn't feeling it, for not much money at all!