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  1. Considering some of the dreck on these forums I am a little surprised at the response to the original post. Anyways...can't wait. I love PR and I just want some new music/gigs/anything??
  2. Yep, now on Discogs too. FFS
  3. I went into my local RSD place. First time in. Loads of things left. All half price. Peter Hook still there, plus many of the reissues. And they have quite a few RSD titles from years gone by that didn't sell, LPs that were 28 now reduced to 5. It's like the ghost of RSD past coming back to haunt you.
  4. Shit. Was getting changed, only black left.
  5. It looks amazing. I don't think unfinished does it justice. It's just different to most you see.
  6. I am going to see a Nirvana tribute band on Friday. You can bet this drops whilst at the gig on a cell phone.
  7. Uk had signed box set yesterday. I thought, 'must buy at some point' and now it's gone. When will I learn?
  8. We can't handle too much excitement in one day.
  9. Put me in the 'never knew this was such a big record' camp. I glanced on the VMP forum and people are saying this was a massive part of their lives.
  10. I haven't been on there, but it sounds like a lot of the poster/print collectors. Splurging money on every 'Mondo Print' that gets released which largely sit in flat files or put straight on eBay. Many print buyers are moving over to records from what I can tell, so makes sense.
  11. This has probably been posted before. It's from 2015. But seems timely. I like Howling Owl and love The Spectres. It's not just us, the consumers who get the shitty end of the stick. http://www.soniccathedral.co.uk/why-record-store-day-is-dying/
  12. Imma need some of those meth infused steroids. Sound tasty!
  13. I can't remember exactly, but I've heard there are one or two killer games for it that make it worth buying for those alone.
  14. I started this for a couple of bands, but gave up when foreign variants and so on became tricky. Part of the problem being I like too much variety.