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  1. Wow, I like this new track more than Yuk-Foo
  2. Pre-Order live in 8 minutes, didn't see a post about this and as a huge oasis fan, I am excited
  3. In case any of you missed out on the original Green / 1000, which I did. They have added a second pressing of The Babe Rainbows first LP
  4. I have had 6 cancelled orders for this one, really disappointing. Sounds like the Distributor was over-promising to many shops. I would love to see a Mojave 3 box set, that would be incredible.
  5. Yeah, this album is a real banger, I love the interludes with the story parts, reminds of Aprhodites Child - Loud Loud Loud.
  6. So, my south records shop order was cancelled, did anyone else happen to have any luck on this? if anyone made multiple orders and more than one pans out I will pay you well for it!
  7. Ouch, that's serious bullshit. I am worried about my Cocteau Twins, they are coming from Juno and they now use the flimsiest mailers ever (They used to use good ones). I hate these Europe only releases..
  8. It... has....... BEGUN!
  9. Purchase details OK Computer (OKNOTOK - 2017) £22.49 GBP Item #XLLP868X-Vinyl-Colour-LP. This is offering me some reassurance , thanks @lethalenforcer
  10. Wow, hopefully Boomkat comes through, I am a little worried about the order summary not having the "x" :(. These are selling out in seconds.
  11. I bought one that my friend decided he didn't want, however I am in Canada...
  12. Hmmm. No word from the official Facebook. I'm on vacation so I hope they don't drop it this week
  13. Wow, I can't believe it was almost 3 years ago I made this post, I must admit I still love this band and I am extremely excited to see what else they come up with in 2017, I just wish I could get my hands on Willoughby's Beach, it's the only thing I am missing!! Here's hoping the repress 12 Bars and Eyes Like the Sky so everyone can enjoy having them on vinyl!
  14. Sold out. Missed it..... again
  15. Seriously, left for lunch, come back, sold out, so annoying