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  1. So. What has everyone ordered? I went with both fuzz club variants and that's all so far!
  2. Yeah, it's overloaded, use this https://kinggizzard.bandcamp.com/album/polygondwanaland
  3. Wow, it's good.. really good... I am very happy with this.. The intro to Loyality... wow
  4. Lol have fun, they even have a dutch press going now. Insane the impact this has had.
  5. We already have crumbling castle.. it sounds amazing to me, beyond excited for this one. Heavenly and Ato have both stated they will be pushing official statements shortly. No word from castleface
  6. Lol, I think I got them all..... for now. Tons of private pressings planned..
  7. We need to compile all the pressings. Lol. All Things Loud Violet / Purple - 500 Greenway Records Red / Blue Split / Splatter - Pressed based on orders. Test Pressing - ??? Fuzz Club Version 1 -100 (Sold Out) Version 2 - 100 Version 3 - 300 Black Needle Juice Records Multi Color -250 Blood Music Yellow / Blue splatter - ? Blue - ? Red - ? Yellow - ? Stolen Body Records Ogre green with Blue, yellow, red and black Splatter - 250 Vinyl Collective Pressing VC-1 - 100
  8. Wow. This is tough. I ordered the fuzz club pressings without hesitation. However I really want to see what ato does, going to be a real mess on discogs this one.
  9. PO (Soon?): Beck - Mutations

    Surprised this thread stopped, I picked this up at my local store Friday. It does include the 7" along with the fold out with the finger on it. Fantastic pressing, extremely happy with it.
  10. I sincerely hope that is not the case, and certainly not my intention. I know many people on here had posted they missed out. I know the Instagram video put up on Flightless Records has over 5000 views and many of those are undoubtedly serious fans wanting to get this variant as well, however I take the people that missed out on here to be serious fans as well, like to make sure all VC'ers have the same opportunity. Highly likely given the way Flightless has been operating, we already know they have stated by December 2017 they will have 4 albums released this year "Fingers Crossed" Hope you all get what you are looking for, sorry to anyone that misses out.
  11. For anyone who missed out on the 200 Gram White Ltd Flightless Pressing, more have been located and will be posted to Flightless Records at 9:00 AM East Brunswick time, which would be 3:00 PM PDT. My pre-order still has not arrived and I am wondering if I should re-order, I certainly don't want to get stuck not getting this release. Good luck everyone.
  12. Extremely excited for this one, wonder if they will slow down in 2018, My Sketches still has not arrived in Canada from Flightless, I also heard they are going to be repressing their early stuff.
  13. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

  14. ORB - Naturality (PRE-ORDER)

    Amazing new pressing of their first LP "Birth" at Castleface https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/orb-birth