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  1. I gotta ask. What's the value of these albums you need to protect? Also, why so worried about damage? Do you plan on the jackets getting wet or damaged some other way?
  2. Same with SRC. Got an email a couple days ago. Said they are going out 9/15. They also said the vinyl is in shop, but they are waiting on the jackets.
  3. Saw Iron Maiden and Ghost last night!!!
  4. I hate those Greek sub shops that just automatically toast your bread/sub. Toasted bread does not go with an Italian sub, and I sure as hell do not want mayo on it either. Bleh. WTF?
  5. Ok, so back on topic? Anyone order the packages for the new EP? Unless we still want to whine about corner dings. I hate the way they affect the playback of the records. When the needle hits that corner ding, my ears cringe every time. It really irks me.
  6. Is the vinyl damaged? I'm a condition freak too, but that pic is not bad. Seriously. Suck it up, people returning shit for BS like that is what drive prices up. You say NIN is your favorite band, but you are just now buying Hesitation Marks? Hesitation Marks is available everywhere, just go exchange it at any local store if you must.
  7. This. My favorite is Broken. However, right behind it is Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, and With Teeth (it really is a great album). Year Zero is good too, but it's not top 5 for me.
  8. Did you get the wrong records shipped? Or you are just still waiting for them to ship? They DID tell us they would ship in "summer" when we ordered them.
  9. It's a bootleg I'm assuming?
  10. Up next: Iron Maiden / Ghost ...followed by Slayer just a few days later.
  11. Any records at all? Or just ones you had no interest in?