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  1. That's kinda what I'm wondering also. He emailed me back and said it was shipping ASAP. I emailed him back and told him that I figured it would be shipped at later date. Turns out I was right, it will be shipped out at a later date.
  2. OK so I heard back from Miguel. He has asked me to not pass along the info. They are working on the issue as I type this and should have it sorted out soon. He said no worries, it's going up soon. Sorry I could not help you out more guys.
  3. Looks like it should be in the classifieds...
  4. I don't. Never wanted it though.
  5. ....And that's gotta mean something, co IMG from a guy named "filthyrich"
  6. Me too. It's been going on for years. They put the new price over the old price. Just like every other retail store. You are in LA and don't have a NC to shop in, otherwise you would have seen it too. I've bought several LPs from NC that were marked down and you could see the several old prices below. Never bought one of those I see that are marked UP though. That's silly. They do it with ALL of their exclusives after they sell out online and the prices go up on eBay. You want to see some raised prices? My local NC has/had an exclusive Nirvana - Sliver 7" left over. Prices started at $8.99 for that one. The last price I saw on top was $34.99
  7. He didn't stumble upon anything. This has been a known practice for a couple years now at Newbury Comics.
  8. That's very common practice for NC. I was washing some new purchases the other day and realized I was low on modi sleeves. Ran to NC and grabbed a pack. The price went up from $19.99 to $24.99!!!! WTF? I'm done with that bs. I'll just keep ordering my motor sleeves from Sleeve City. But yeah, they continuously jack up the prices on their exclusive vinyl. If no one wants it for $19.99, no one is going to pay $49.99 for it. Oh wait.....Yeah ya did.
  9. Update: I heard back from Miguel at Numero Group again. He gave me their PayPal address, and I was able to send in my payment that way. I just left a note with the transaction, explaining what my payment was for. Grand total was $12.63 shipped. If anyone else is interested, I can ask Miguel if I can pass along the PayPal address via PM.
  10. Thank you! FYI, I just placed my preorder on Amazon UK, and my total was £40.39 shipped. ($50, give or take a few pennies) Now, I'm off to cancel my Bullmoose order. ($77)
  11. Fear of the Dark!!!!!
  12. Can you post a link? I don't see it on Amazon US or UK.
  13. Grabbed the 2LP Deluxe from Bullmoose. Only time will tell if Amazon lists it cheaper.
  14. I have a Kenwood receiver that is very similar, but not the same model. How many watts is it? I think mine is 35x2. It's in a bedroom closet somewhere. I'll have to look and see what model # it is. Nice, by the way! Edit: sorry to hear of you and your GF. Hope you save some cash and find a great turntable.