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  1. My father always told me "There's an ass for every seat."
  2. Nice. Its a pretty good 10". Sounds great.
  3. Dont forget the 9" stuff from NIN. I also have: Rob Zombie Soundgarden 10" set Claypool Lennon Dilirium Mad Season Buddy Guy Miles Davis RATM Blind Melon Marilyn Manson David Bowie BB King Gary Clarke Jr Im sure there's a few others I can't think of.
  4. Send me the extra white one for $10.
  5. Just hold tight for a week or 2. Its not a NIN signed album. The price will drop after the hype dies down. Lakeshore told me they are expecting them to arrive any day now, and then they will begin shipping. October is unlinkely.
  6. Damn that IS shitty. Did you shoot them a message?
  7. Any reports on Amazon US cancelling deluxe orders? My wife read me somethng from facebook about some douche whining because Amazon cancelled his order "for no apparent reason ". I mean, that situation sucks but the way he wrote it out, the kid just sounded like a big cry baby. Anyone else with a similar issue? My Amazon UK deluxe order is still reporting it will ship Apr 29.
  8. I wad lucky enough to have seen the link in the NIN thread. For the $100, it was a no brainer. I wad lucky enough to have seen the link in the NIN thread. For the $100, it was a no brainer.
  9. I can confirm. I managed to grab one yesterday on that lakeshore site. $106 shipped, all sales go to charity. It was a win win.
  10. Any audio reviews on what you guys picked up? I washed mine yesterday and hopefully will get a chance to spin some today.
  11. Awww....why dontcha start a thread about it?