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  1. The Third Man Records Thread

    Last name starts with S. This is new to me too.
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    I never got any shipping emails, the status of my order says "complete" on the TMR site. Has it shipped and I never got tracking?
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    No emails on any vault shipping my way yet.
  4. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    The 2016 Kill Em All sounds amazing, I wouldn't hesitate on that one. I'm really excited to see what they do with MoP and AJFA with the box sets. The 2014 series pretty much blows, other than the Black album.
  5. The Concert Thread

    Megadeth on Sunday
  6. Great to see it up. Thanks for listening Danny.
  7. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Awesome. I knew Danny was working on it, but that was fast. Thanks @danny Now we just need to get everyone to fill it out!
  8. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    That 2014 RTL is crap, IMO. I tried it and immediately put it up on Discogs. It's flat and dull. Has no space or air to it. Sounds like a poor sounding CD on vinyl. The original is head and shoulders better. It's crisp, detailed, and punchy. The newest press (2016) is far better than that 2014 as well. We really need a "gear" section in our profiles so we can see what others' setups are.
  9. I have a couple NIN releases from Parachute. They sound like someone had a recorder in their pocket during the show. I'd pass.

    As far as I know, it's been locked up somewhere. It certainly hasn't had a US tour where people can listen to it on headphones. Anyway, to answer your question... Yes

    They are gonna tour the album to museums and shit? That music will most certainly be online within a few weeks. I know it mentions you can only listen through earphones, but who is in charge of it 24/7?