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  1. Maynard needs to figure out if he wants to call the band APC, or Puscifer. This sounds like a continuation of the Puscifer- Money Shot album. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not APC material either.
  2. Nope. The original vinyl didn't have a flashing light, only the first release of the CD (I have one around somewhere). $85 is a great deal when you consider who mastered it, and how it is packaged etc. Especially with the current prices for an original. Shit, people (myself included) just paid $60 for that recent vault. Which is a single album and a few pics.
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    But I mean what am I supposed to do with all the pics etc? For the $60 they could have given us a folder or something. I should have just bought the album locally. Lesson learned.
  4. The Third Man Records Thread

    Mine just came today. What a waste of $60. The album, pics etc were just placed inside the shipping box. Just a bunch of loose stuff, it doesn't even get a box for the vault package? How am I supposed to keep it all together? Or am I missing something?
  5. The Third Man Records Thread

    LOL @ charging $100 for an album that was a screw up. They probably did it on purpose
  6. Since when is a 2LP for $30 a high price???
  7. Lol at all the people claiming they won't buy the album because the artwork is so bad.
  8. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Thanks for setting it up again Saint!
  9. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    $50 make you holla! I like my odds, got some pretty good squares. 4-3 9-3 2-4 6-9
  10. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Just sent money for 2 more squares. If for some reason the last 5 don't sell, I'll take another 2 squares, just pm me and I should get an email so I can pay in time.
  11. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    If sign up has ended (noon on Saturday according to original post) can I send another $5 for 2 more?
  12. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Payment sent. When do we get our numbers?