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  1. I have a Kenwood receiver that is very similar, but not the same model. How many watts is it? I think mine is 35x2. It's in a bedroom closet somewhere. I'll have to look and see what model # it is. Nice, by the way! Edit: sorry to hear of you and your GF. Hope you save some cash and find a great turntable.
  2. I'm curious as well. I heard back from customer service last night, and they told me it was "fixed". Nope.
  3. Trying to order this but it keeps telling me my shipping address is wrong and it won't calculate shipping. WTF? I have a normal US address.
  4. Exactly. $30 doesn't even cover half of a standing room only ticket for Fenway. And I'm spoiled, I sit in the Loge box seats. However for $30/month, I'll rub shoulders with the other fans lol.
  5. Any idea what region? Bullmoose lists it on their site as 4000. I will own this.
  6. After spending all that on your VPI, you need a proper platform. Even a cutting board from Ikea is what you have there. Great gear though!
  7. Holy shit. Boston would never do that (they couldn't), but it would be awesome.
  8. What is vegan faux-leather, why is it different form other faux leather, and what makes that a selling point? Other than every vegan probably owns a pair.
  9. 4 isolation "pads" does not make an isolation platform, though they should help. What is your turntable sitting on?
  10. It's iconic for generation "Y" maybe, but not the entire world or anything. I mean, it's a great album, and I listen to it frequently. I wouldn't call it iconic though.
  11. Damn is right, I paid less than $75 for mine, and I doubt I'd sell it for $300 either, though I rarely sell vinyl. Usually only if it's a bad master or press.
  12. When they ask for a picture of the damaged item, send a pic of the K-cups inside the guitar box. Seriously though, have you contacted UPS as well? My guess is it was stolen somewhere in the UPS chain of custody.