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  1. Soul Crusher is in the box, so I already have that. I got the green wax, but the black is $80 I think via Numero Group. That's a great deal.
  2. I'd love to see Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds, or how about a repress of Nativity in Black?
  3. Not really though.
  4. Damn I want that Popestar. Doesn't release until July though. I'll grab one in-store.
  5. Went to the Dead and Co on Sunday at Fenway Park. Holy hell that was amazing. People were drinking and smoking/doing nitrous balloons right on Brookline Ave and Yawkey Way. Never seen anything like it.
  6. Anyone ever repair a charging port for an iPod classic? I have a few bent pins in the port. Tried gently straightening them out, but no luck.
  7. I can cancel the subscription before the next quarter, correct? Sounds like they make it difficult.
  8. Where was it pressed?
  9. I got a USPS tracking # on Thursday, and it has said "Status not Available" ever since.
  10. The quote function has not worked properly since day one of the sites update. Can we get it fixed please? Old quotes remain in the reply box when you try to post a separate message at a later time. They can not be removed. Also, when I try to quote sometimes, it doesn't show up in the reply box.
  11. For the last 2 days I've been getting a SPAM message pop up and give me a warning about a virus when I return to the site (already logged in). It doesn't want to close either. Is anyone else experiencing this? Seems this place is having some security issues. I see other threads about similar problems. Is there a way to eliminate the messages on my end?
  12. This is happening on my Android Nexus 5x using Chrome.
  13. Does anyone read this that can actually do something about it?
  14. Easier, yes. Cheaper, no.
  15. Under the last 3 administrations.
  16. The brickwall was in the digital downloads. Vinyl usually has a separate master, but here's to hoping he's making improvements.