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  1. That being said, the clips I've heard of the new Sonic Mania game rip.
  2. A box set with 4 slabs o' wax for 60 bones nowadays is incredibly reasonable. I'll be signing up for this one for sure.
  3. New Vault package announced. It seems like a pretty damn good one.
  4. I'd buy a QotSA country album at this point. Hell, it'd probably be a lot of fun.
  5. Now that you mention it, it totally sounds like some Grade-A FIFA Fodder.
  6. It's...ok. I'm not a fan of the lyrics or the refrain at all, but the instrumentation and falsetto is interesting.
  7. What the shit happened here?
  8. Buying a single of an album track with an instrumental for a b-side makes no goddamn sense to me.
  9. Everyone did. It's the only one I'm missing, too.
  10. I was referring to whomever is buying these in France; not you specifically. My bad if it came off that way. I did the same thing, so I can't knock it. My test press came with a regular copy of the release, so I wasn't too choked up about selling it.
  11. Gotta flip 'em all™!
  12. I had to make sure that wasn't the one I sold to someone in France.