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  1. PO: Goblin - SUSPIRIA LP Box Sets

    A Waxwork/iam8bit collaboration of priciness.
  2. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    What will they wrap the record in this time? Newspaper? Tin foil? Burlap? Find out this Record Store Day Black Friday™!
  3. [PO Soon] Death Grips - LP8

    If this is an indication of how their next tour is going to be, it should be bonkers.
  4. Just a heads up, don't go onto Mondo's site tomorrow. There totally isn't gonna be a new Olly Moss print available.
  5. Shipping update and video. They're gonna start shipping on Friday: http://mailchi.mp/eb06915841ed/floral-shoppe-vinyl-update-10042017 And a teaser video:
  6. The Third Man Records Thread

    It's a cool package and I'm glad it's not another dang box, but I have so many White Stripes Live LPs already. I'll probably pass on this one.
  7. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Does anyone know if the pop is throughout the pressing, or on a specific side/song?
  8. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    I guess I'll find out tonight.
  9. I just got a shipping notice for the splatter from Mondo, so that's cool.
  10. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    So wait, the red copies got cancelled? Apparently the one I ordered from Amoeba was delivered today.
  11. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    That Dendö Marionette album is some really interesting stuff. I may pick it up eventually, but I probably won't pull the trigger right away.
  12. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Windswept back up on "milk" vinyl: http://italiansdoitbetter.bigcartel.com/product/johnny-jewel-windswept-gatefold-lp-on-white-vinyl