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  1. Sold out on the US store too. I asked BullMoose if it was the entire version of the album or just their shipment. I'll let y'all know if I hear back.
  2. I'm kinda bummed the bonus track didn't make it onto a vinyl version of this album. I thought that was the case with the deluxe version, but I guess that's not the case. Ah well, I may just go with the regalo one or wait until I hear the entire thing first.
  3. Preordered the Deluxe on Amazon UK for ~$54.
  4. $13 shipping for a 14LP box set is shockingly reasonable.
  5. I'm gonna hold off on a deluxe edition and hope full a Bull Moose/Amazon option. I want those 4 songs, dammit.
  6. Picked up the Pye Corner Audio 2x7" because I'm a sucker for dumb things.
  7. Did anyone resub to Vinyl Me Please this month and still can't log in? The "reset your password to log back in" method from the welcome email isn't working for me because it's not sending me an email.
  8. Well damnit. Outside of Space Jam, this is all I would buy.
  9. I's in the thumbnail, but yeah Lana Del Rey was a gimmie.
  10. If next month is Hoobastank I'm renewing instantly.
  11. Holy hell, I thought you were joking. It appears to only be 3, 6, or 12 month options now.
  12. Do you have No Doubt about that?
  13. I hope they get an exclusive colorway for Spectres' new album.
  14. Welp, looks like I'm signing back up for a month.