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  1. I'd buy the hell out of a King Gizzard Cracker Barrel peg game picture disc.
  2. Glassjaw threads are ultra-concentrated Vinyl Collective Bullshit™. Inject it directly into my veins.
  3. At this rate, this album may have more variants than Sleep's Dopesmoker.
  4. SoundStage Direct has 'em up too: https://www.soundstagedirect.com/nine-inch-nails.shtml 15% off code with "LP15" and free shipping over $50.
  5. I believe that was the description. If it's neither of these things and $20 cheaper that's one helluva hose job.
  6. I think I followed them on their Bandcamp page from my account? That may be how I signed up for the emails.
  7. Update on the vinyl from their newest email. Updated estimate of November 21st. We're getting a compilation cd out of it, so that's neat.
  8. Nonagon Infinity straight up shreds, too. It's probably my favorite Gizzard album.
  9. Shocking exactly zero people, it looks like this is gonna be delayed. But hey, new masters apparently. Hopefully it doesn't have the issues of the first batch of IndieGoGo pressings.
  10. I guess the first edit didn't take. The official DFA preorder: http://www.americandreamdfa.store/ Also on their Bandcamp page with a cassette option: https://lcdsoundsystem.bandcamp.com/ And up for preorder on Bull Moose now with a release date of September 1st: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25597958/lcd-soundsystem-american-dream-2-lp-140-gram-in-gatefold-jacket-printed-sleeves-w-download Well this is a first for me: A preorder for a record as an upgrade for a promotion for a ticket purchase. So if you're going to see LCD Soundsystem, I guess you could order this? I'll definitely update everything about this post when you can order it like a normal person from a real store.
  11. I dig the song. It sounds like an LCD Soundsystem b-side, which isn't a bad thing.
  12. It appears this is no longer available.
  13. MACROSS '82-'99 - SAILORWAVE

    Well their Facebook post about it ends with "2 more LP are coming!"
  14. The Third Man Records Thread

    I got my Margo Price in from BullMoose today. It's a damn fine package for sure. Everything is screen printed except for the headshot, and it's all pretty high quality stuff.