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  1. I am at work still... I can't go to bed
  2. Yeah, I was super glad that I did not buy into the series.
  3. I am delirious, but I have been awake for 92 hours straight... Work for 83 hours
  4. Holy shit I am exhausted. 81 straight hours of work... Kind of delirious right now.
  5. This showed up on my Discogs list as coming out in 6 days. So, maybe soon...
  6. That is supposed to come out on LP via Beta-Lactum Ring as part of the Aidan Baker subscription.
  7. Thanks, but it's physical stuff... It was guaranteed to hit me. It's not the age; it's the miles hahaha.
  8. Busy as all get out... Drowning my pain in records... The usual nerd garbage.
  9. Dom... Some of us are still around Yo Haha... Maybe
  10. POs are up for this old Shelter record reissue. Two colors... White or Splatter something. http://shelter.merchnow.com/products/v2/264082/attaining-the-supreme-white http://shelter.merchnow.com/products/v2/264083/attaining-the-supreme-clear-with-redyellow-splatter I figured maybe one or two other might be looking for this here.