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  1. That stinks Dea... you will find something worth your while.
  2. The guitar tone is fantastic
  3. This has been one that I was waiting for...
  4. It's a cool fair. Bring cash.
  5. I have every PFB release and every numbered release I get #33. Or #13 if there are less than 33 and Thom isn't making it
  6. It's super limited... all I know is that I am getting #33 regardless of if he made 33 or not.
  7. Decided to listen to Locrian this morning for the 1st time in a few months. I'll be on this kick for a while.
  8. Best oi record of last year. So many great songs
  9. I will have one. Going to the show on Saturday.
  10. The Sutekh Hexen tape came out awesome. Just got on a huge Locrian kick this morning.
  11. That is awesome. I would jump on that in a heartbeat if my team offered it.
  12. @Holo go see the Slackers when they roll through your hood.
  13. If funds is an issue, the RP-1 with the upgrade pack is a solid choice. Really, any of those are an improvement on your current turntable.
  14. Your turntable is garbage. You get garbage signal pumped through a weak amp. You get weak garbage sound limply exuding from your speakers.