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  1. Picked this up. Rm was always a fun band
  2. Bladie, best place to reach me is on instagram at this point.
  3. Jamming Mazzy Star in remembrance of their drummer. RIP
  4. New Motion Sickness Of Time Travel and Grant Evans tapes... These go fast.
  5. I don't think that I would live in Danbury. Who knows?
  6. Sweet... it's sad that so few people seem into these guys. They are super good.
  7. A large part of it has to do with where I go next career wise.
  8. I lived near Philly for a long time. Not sure if I am going back.
  9. Montreal, Danbury CT (front runner for my services right now), and Philadelphia
  10. It depends on job interviews and such. Going through that process now.
  11. That's on the table along with 2 other places
  12. Crazy... going to be moving out of NYC within the next 6 months
  13. That sucks... at least you seem to be on the mend.
  14. Zero now... There's Don spending my money
  15. Yeah... I just have the cD discography from Swiz. I am no dummy haha
  16. I am pretty sure True Grit is the shelved 1st record. There is also the Decca years version.
  17. This album is better than I hoped.
  18. I really love Cock Sparrer, but the new record is even better than I thought it would be.