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  1. One of my local stores has posted that they (7" and 12") are indie store exclusives and they have been instructed not to sell them online.
  2. Nope. Still orange. http://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Hysteria-Exclusive-Orange-Vinyl/5JQM0000000
  3. £32.99? Fuck off (for when easy pass just doesn't cut it). That would be a rip off on Record Store Day.
  4. Prick is showing as Coming Soon in the UK store, so there are more coloured copies out there to be had.
  5. Warning for international buyers. Do not buy from Insound. I bought a bunch of records from them recently. 40% off and $9.99 international shipping. How could you say no? Total cost of order including shipping was $117.84. Calculated import charges (about £18.50) and UPS handling fee (guesstimated £15). Worth it. UPS try and deliver it. £60.59 invoice. Items had been valued at $267! That was 1.5 times the cost of them before the 40% discount. No possible reasonable explanation for it. Shipping quoted as $0. Apparently, when compaines quote shipping as zero, the courier is required to assume that $0 is wrong and add a default amount into the calculation. UPS also said they charged me some sort of extra handing charge to do with transport from the airport to the depot... I was too pissed off to remember the details. I refused to pay the charges and UPS kept the parcel while I tried to deal with Insound. No response to multiple emails that suggested multiple ways of dealing with it. After a few Facebook messages, I got an email that said customers are responsible for any import costs. After telling them that I was going to get my credit card company involved as the items were not as described and a post on their Facebook page saying how appaling their customer service was (they vett them first so it never made it to their page), I got an offer of a full refund (in 3 to 5 business days). Seven working days and two more emails later (the response to one of which was 'you have to wait 3-5 business days' when the 5 business days were up), I got my refund. So it looks like I might be getting my records for another 30% ish off. Was it worth it? No. There's no excuse for valuing things wrong. It would be understandable (but still not acceptable) if they had set the value at the cost of the records before the discount, but they had managed to pull some even higher figure out of their arse. I had to waste a lot of my time trying to get them to rectify their incompetence. The worst customer service I have come across. Hells Headbangers and King's Road EU have both dropped a place.
  6. Looking at Discogs, there appears to be a new pressing using new plates. Still a picture disc, though. The whole AEnima thing has gone quiet. I have my (formerly) sealed and unplayed OP, so I'm good. I also expect the new pressing will be super expensive to buy and super expensive again to import.
  7. My local(ish) store says they are holding back some blue copies for in store sale, so I assume most stores will be doing the same. Possible RSD-like queues, though. A whole bunch of people spent the day there waiting for the Burn The Witch 7" to come in. Fortunately, it's a cafe bar as well, so they didn't suffer.
  8. Found this if anyone wants to try it: https://basick.supplies/products/radiohead-ok-computer-oknotok-1997-2017-limited-edition-x3-blue-vinyl-lp The site is legit, but they're pretty vague about the colour (scroll down) and it looks like you can add as many as you want to the cart.
  9. 2 years ago. The Morrissey freaks were out in force that day.
  10. https://failurebandmerch.com/ 20% off today (Monday, May 29th 2017) with code MONDAYSAVIOR.
  11. Not exactly a game soundtrack, but I think it belongs here and a search didn't find it. Just under 2 days to go: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samostudios/zelda-cinematica-symphonic-tribute-album?ref=48hr
  12. I'm picking my Monorail copy up in store, so in anticipation of the people who wait too long on this, there will very probably be some instore and I can try and get one for you. I am off work on the day of release and can be there nice and early. This is weather permitting as I cycle. That said, I went and got my (and another VCer's) copies of Atomic in the pissing rain and nearly got mown down twice in about ten minutes (by a taxi driver and then a Porsche driver).
  13. This is confusingly written on their website. The two sentences above have nothing to do with each other i.e. the Monorail exclusive is just vinyl and postcards and none of the other box set stuff. For a minute I thought that they were selling the box set at a bargin price. Website also says limited to 250 rather than 300. Also, the website says signed postcard, but the email Monorail sent out says postacrd in one place and photo in another. Probably postcard.
  14. What have I become, my sweetest friend?
  15. This doesn't deserve a thread on the main page: http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/puddle-of-mudd/come-clean#.WRXxydy1uM8 First time on vinyl!