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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Did i misread something? Last week i thought i saw a copy of the Decemberists new album listed for release on RSD on blue vinyl. I don't see it on the list....
  2. Rec'd mine today, complete with seam splits and corner crunches....
  3. Sorry, update on sound quality. It's Monday....
  4. Um...$120USD for that is a bit much. Looks cool, but who wants to stand up and sit down so damn much while you're listening to an album? Shipping and currency conversion would put this at about $200CAD.
  5. Can someone who buys one of these C&L clear copies update us after you receive it?
  6. I've had a Panic Prevention order in at amazon.ca for more than a year now... was waiting for a confirmed date for a year...finally updated last month. Unfortunately Kings and Queens still doesn't have an amazon.ca LP listing. Gonna have to order from the UK soon....but it's gonna cost $40 instead of $25.
  7. I played side 1 of both the UK and the US versions today and although the US version is good, the UK version is quieter...I didn't hear anything. The US version does have a bit of noise here and there. The sleeves are identical.
  8. I panicked a little when i saw people posting about poor quality. I had a preorder in from amazon.ca and then ordered a copy from a third party seller in the UK after it was released. I received the US copy via my preorder from amazon.ca and it looks perfect. Haven't spun it yet though. I'm just waiting on the UK copy to arrive so that i can compare them, then one of them will go back. I'll followup here after i've received and compared them.
  9. ditto...not sure i can commit to this. I'm interested to hear it...but not $200USD interested
  10. I just got an order update from amazon about my Heartbreaker order...gives an estimated arrival date of Feb 8th Thanx OP
  11. No pre-order for me here. I love this guy but i'm confident my local will get it for me. Shipping to Canada and the exchange rate is too much.
  12. Thanx, I'll pick up when i'm in town to see Jose Gonzalez on Feb 12th....provided there is no delay with the record and it's available on time.
  13. ....guess i'll have to pick this up in TO? No shipping option when checkout though paypal. Thought it would just add it on checkout, but alas.