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  1. Was thinking the same thing... will be a bit frustrating if the 2nd press gets sent out before the first...
  2. "2) we set up a new store on Shopifywith some copies of Floral Shoppe and a few other OESB albums -- the sales from this will help clear out the older orders much faster" Umm... what?? creating new sales in an entirely different setup will help clear out older orders? WTF is this guy on?
  3. This just seems do be getting dodgier and dodgier...
  4. I was wondering why this thread was running so hot, and the reason is YYYOOOOOOUUUUUU!! Edit: and me also...
  5. Has Pop and ATYCLB popped up for pre order anywhere else yet?
  6. Once someone receives this can they comment if the mix is better than the original pressing?
  7. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    When i first had a look at the guess thread and saw in brackets "Everything you know is wrong" my first though was U2 Achtung Baby or Zooropa as that particular line was flashed up on their screens a lot on that tour...
  8. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Nice! Any word on what the March AOTM will be?
  9. Peace's 3rd album is now available to pre order: https://peace.tmstor.es/ Variety of bundles and a limited picture disc of single 'From Under Liquid Glass' Love these guys and the 2 singles sound great!
  10. Wide awake in america and Best of 1980-1990 are being reissued also. Not sure why wide awake in america would warrant a reissue
  11. Awesome! The HTDAAB reissue sounds great so hopefully these do too. Would love to see ATYCLB on 2 LPs instead of the 1
  12. WTB: Amber Run - 5AM vinyl

    Hey guys and girls. As the topic title suggets, looking for Amber Run 5AM on vinyl. Let me know if you have a copy you're interested in selling or can locate one for me. Cheers