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  1. Wolf Alice have announced their sophomore album 'Visions of a Life' which will be out on the 29th of September. No pre order up yet but I will update the thread once available. PO Link: White Vinyl/3000 + bonus signed postcard and 7" -*/*/Visions-Of-A-Life-White-12-Double-Vinyl-Signed-Art-Card/5L9S0000000 They have also dropped a new song 'Yuk Foo' to mixed reviews... will be keen to hear peoples thoughts on this one 2nd Single - 'Don't Delete the Kisses'
  2. So did i!!! EDIT: Now sold out again. Lucky!
  3. Just got confirmation from Artist First that the white vinyl was limited to 500 copies
  4. So you can still order the white from the States? Not really an Australian exclusive then is it?
  5. Anyone know anything about this release?? Gotta be a bootleg yeh??