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  1. There's a copy of The Wombats Modern Glitch on Discogs for $34.99 (cheapest i've seen) if anyone is interested... Edit: Now gone... hope someone here managed to snag it
  2. Bear's Den - Islands 2 x 10" album is a nice one.
  3. There was a copy at my local yesterday but i am located in Australia. I could grab it for you but not sure if it would be worth it with shipping costs...
  4. Cracker of an album! Saw these guys live at Falls Festival over new years just gone. Amazing! They weren't headliners but I think they drew the biggest crowd of the whole festival. They put on a hell of a show!
  5. Anyone seen any left over copies of The Wombats Modern Glitch?
  6. Hey peeps, Looking to sell my copy of The Smith Street Band's Sunshine & Technology on "sunrise splatter" vinyl with lenticular cover. Limited to only 100 copies in near mint condition. I am located in Australia so there will be shipping costs. Shoot me an offer! Failing selling this I would be interested in a trade. My key wants at the moment are: • Big Thief - Masterpiece (Red Vinyl) • Hop Along - Painted Shut (White w/ pink haze) • Ed Sheeran - Divide Box Set • Mystery Jets - Twentyone • Pearl Jam - rearviewmirror 4LP (willing to throw in a few dollars too) • Death Cab For Cutie - MagikMagik Orchestra RSD 2LP • Peace - EP Delicious (white vinyl) • U2 Best of 1980-1990 and Best of 1990-2000 • Of Monsters & Men - My Head is an Animal (Icelandic version - Orange and Green vinyl) • Matchbox 20 - Exile on Mainstream 2LP • Keane - Hopes & Fears • Keane - Under the Iron Sea PM me if interested.
  7. Did anyone here actually manage to get a copy of the marble? I'd be willing to trade some goodies from my collection for it....
  8. Just a heads up, only 3 copies of the gold LP + 7" left on saddle creek for Capacity. 125 copies of the gold LP on its own
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing the rearviewmirror 4LP set get the reissue treatment
  10. I'm also nursing a semi.
  11. It can take 24 hours or so to go through but if you email them they can push it through for you
  12. Mythological Beauty is stunning! P.s: 69 (giggity) copies of the Gold LP + 7" and 146 of the Gold LP on its own left over at Saddle Creek.
  13. ahhh all the pre orders are killing me.... thanks OP
  14. Interpol down to 108. Likely to sell out in another 24-48 hours I'd say
  15. Pink/Blue also available from marathon. Much cheaper international shipping for us Aussies
  16. That's actually 350 GBP... holy hell Edit: also says it's due in May??
  17. Ebay don't care. As long as they get their 10%
  18. Damn. Regretting sleeping on the marble variant. It was a pink/black pressing based on the pictures. The album is still a few months away so I'm sure they'll either do more of these or another variant will come up
  19. Back down to 1 copy left on the Aussie site
  20. Very excited for this. The 3 singles so far have been killer! Saw them live at Falls Festival in Lorne over New Year's. They put on a great show and played a new song which back then sounded amazing and I knew this album was going to be great!
  21. Look like JB has jumped the gun on this... not even in their official store yet JB such a rip off! You'll find this much cheaper elsewhere