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  1. Yeah that Target chase will be next to impossible to find
  2. Best luck I had is ordering multiples on Amazon when they are first put up. i.e. Chases are currently 1 in 6, so I'll buy 6 with the hopes of getting 1 chase. It is not guaranteed though. I've ordered 6 and got 5 chases and ordered 6 and got 0. If you do this make sure you only buy from Amazon and not third party. Alternatively you can get close with someone at a store that sells them. The Hot Topic employees by me try to hook me up if its one I REALLY want. I'll be going to both along with Hot Topic. The ones I want are so spread out its gonna be a nightmare.
  3. The only really valuable thing that Hot Topic gets now are chases and employees are strictly forbidden from buying them. (Although with the right manager, who knows) Theres no real reason Vader should be hard to get. He isn't limited, so I'm thinking this is just a first wave with hype. I wouldn't be surprised if they get more. However I really wouldn't be surprised if they didn't at this point either.
  4. It has started showing up near me in weird quantities. So, I'll keep checking. As far as I know flocked CatDog is not limited and should be shared, so it should be east to get. But we know how well that worked with Qui Gon.
  5. I'm looking for the Target Exclusive Vader in a Tie Fighter. No luck around me so far
  6. Thank you! Target exclusives suck to try and get haha. i got the bullseye, thinking about selling him though
  7. Cleaned out my room. Here are a bunch. Some may have expired.. Go crazy!
  8. Yeah. Guessing they noticed themselves
  9. Just got an email. It is the cd not vinyl. Here is the email:
  10. Thats crazy cheap. It's probably the cd set, but worth the risk. Its Amazon, so its covered at least.
  11. That's awesome! I wanted the green, but couldn't bite the bullet on the cost.
  12. Sweet. They charge for ship to store now? It's now the same price to ship to store vs. ship to home for me. I feel like that defeats the purpose of ship to store. edit: never mind - my order ended up under the $20 minimum
  13. I have an unopened copy of the clear with black and cream splatter variant if anyone missed out on it. It was originally out of 300.