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  1. Do you like factory work? I worked at a factory for a few years and I loved having zero customer interaction.
  2. Hey! I was just in Portland a few days ago. I wish I planned it better and reached out to hang out. next time for sure. I would love to visit again, Portland is as amazing as everyone makes it out to be yo!
  3. I'm definitely getting the feeling that this thread died down? And I hope things aren't too much of a mess for you. I know i'm slowly coming back around from things getting pretty shitty in my life. I'm looking forward to halloween though. pretty stoked!
  4. hey so i pretty much disappeared from this thread. How is everyone?
  5. yeah you look like you had a ton of fun! I just got back from SF on thursday and I still feel like i'm dying. I need a whole day to sleep
  6. awesome thanks!! I'm hoping to try and make it down to Seattle today
  7. i totally forgot about RSD this year but i just saw Marcy Playground and now I'm tempted to go check it out. Jon what record store would you recommend I hit ?
  8. oh nice! i have heard a lot about voodoo donuts and i'll definitely add that to the list
  9. oh nice!! i haven't taken the train much but i've always loved it =) also, what kind of stuff would you recommend doing while in portland? anything off the top that i gotta do and will be bummed if i don't check it out?
  10. come on jon,...portland! 4 hour train ride. lol
  11. ha. well i've been in seattle for about 2 months and haven't met any of the seattle smalltalkers yet lol.
  12. awesome!! yeah i'll keep you updated. hopefully the butcher is in to hang out too?
  13. hey!! i may visit portland next weekend! i'll let you know if i am for sure
  14. sorry to hear this but i think something will happen soon. Most people I know couldn't get far enough in the Amazon interview for an onsite so i think you're really close to getting something awesome!
  15. I love all the seattle dogs. I went to a bar last weekend and there were dogs everywhere!! Definitely going to bring my dog there if i end up staying here.